What is a flexi syn day????


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if you search this someone (i cant remember who so apologies to the writer of it) wrote a fab really detailed post about this


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Do a search as someone did an excellent thread on this recently. But there is no such thing as a flexi syn day, you can use flexi syns for a special evening out but you plan it ahead and decide how many syns you are going to use and keep counting till you get there.

You get right back on plan the next day, it ia way of staying in control at parties weddings etc, you may not have a weight loss but you will have stayed in control.


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Going out for VAL day on sunday with the hubby to a place called sizzeling pallet. They do steaks and noodles n stuff. Last time i had on my plate a chicken steak with noodles and a small portion of rice they come with pour over sauces... now i need to trick hubby in to thinking im not "on diet" for this meal it gets on his nerves when we go out and i complain about diet food! what can i do ladies? EE it that day? save all my syns for just incase?


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Could you have a steak with a jacket potato?

I'd definitely go EE for the day to have the flexibility.


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The beauty of SW is that you dont need 'diet' food, with a few tweaks even meals out can still be on plan, especially with EE.
To be honest i'd be furious if my hubby wasn't supporting my weight loss! If he is not on any form of diet, thats fine, he can eat what he wants, but shouldn't snub you for wanting to become healthier and lose some weight.
But like the others have said, check out the thread and flexi day if needed.


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Flexidays are when you allow yourself a pre-arranged amount of syns and don't go above that number. Your normal allowance will be 5-15 syns per day (or as agreed with your consultant). On a flexiday you might have a day off plan and set a limit of perhaps 50 syns and keep within that limit.

The idea is that you remain in control.