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What is this? A library?!?!

No-one's posted on the RtM thread for ages!:confused:
Let's start up a thread about the (healthy) food you used to hate before RtM but now adore. My new faves are:
Avocado (used to hate it)
Beetroot (would have run a mile in the opposite direction pre-LL)
Plums (hadn't eaten a plum in as long as I can remember before this)
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it is always a bit quiet around here on the weekend. I am usually around more, but with the lovely weather we have been out & about and spending quite a bit of time in the garden.

Things I now like which I didn't before (or wouldn't even try) are

Raw pepper
plain yoghurt
anything with artificial sweetener in it
plums especially cooked (would never touch them, now love them)
passion fruit.

I am so into salad that I am growing all my own this year. I have been out planting most of it today. (We usually do mostly root veg)
I am really into using herbs as well, which I have also started growing myself.


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I'm not on rtm, I wish!!!...lol..BUT I find it really interesting thinking about the foods we would never try and were adamant that we didn't like.

My big one is celery, always has been. My Mum loves it and I always ran away at top speed as a child when she used to offer it to us(I think she even tried to hide it in stews....lol)

I am going to try celery again. Keep an open mind and see what I think..:D


Happily pro pointing!
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Oh, you should definitely try it.
The first time I ate a piece of celery on RTM I thought it was flippin' gorgeous, and that is mad, I always have it in salad now.
It is worth trying everything on the list each week if you can. There are few things I didn't try, apart from things I just have never been able to eat and never will, like bananas *yak*
Ooh! I used to love bananas but haven't even tried them since starting RtM. They really don't appeal! I'm so jealous of your vegie garden Ali! I bought a house in December and I am doing a major renovation. I won't be able to afford to get to the sad excuse that is a garden for a couple of years I think, but then I will definitely become my own market gardener! My friend grows her own raspberries and she says they are easy peasy to grow and give her the hugest raspberries for about 5 weeks of spring/summer.


Happily pro pointing!
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it is actually really easy to grow quite a bit in tubs.
mixed lettuce, a couple of cherry tom plants, cucumber, carrots, radish, pepper, spring onions, and herbs, I have them all in pots. I did some last year that were very successful so I have done more this year. I have a strawberry pot that I have had a couple of years and that is doing really well. It is all quite cheap to do too.


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I love gardening (am doing a garden design course at the moment), I did have a large L shaped raise border by my summer house, and filled it with roses, but moved that today to be close to the kitchen french doors (the roses have been transplated around the garden), have planted the raised border up with peas, herbs and peppers - might sow some lettuce seed tomorrow, but have a never ending army of snails - so if I do that will have to think of using chemicals in my garden to keep them away from my lettuce - we'll see! Could always plant some garlic - snails and garlic go very well together ;)


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Its all protein Corey, so i'm sure it will be allowed on RtM!!:p

Deb G

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Greek Yogurt


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Pineapple - had some today in a fruit salad, and couldn't get enough - it wasn't till an hour after I had had it, that I discovered Pineapple is a no no until week 6 - oops! I'm on week 3! Oh well!
Oops! I've done that - started sprinkling some crushed seeds on my morning yoghurt then discovered, after reading the RtM materials a little more thoroughly, that they're only allowed in cooking! It was so delicious though that I had to continue. I figure it's not the end of the world!
Thanks for the advice on container gardening Ali. I've gone out and got some salad leaves from the garden centre so I'm giving it a bash. I think strawberries will be my next venture into the world of gardening!

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