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What items in your wardrobe are you desperate to fit into?

I have some lovely skinny clothes from when i lost a lot of weight before. Unfortunately I can't fit into any of them (yet!)

my top 5 wish list.

5. Black and white silk strappy top
4. Jasper Conran Military style jacket
3. cream satin slip style nightie
2. Grey jacquard prom dress
1. Size 12 Jasper Conran jeans
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My top 5 wishlist (oh dear heh)

5. Size 14 Turnup trousers from Next I have owned for two years but never worn
4. Sexy pencil skirt
3. Bridesmaid's dress (that is a must, by March next year!)
2. Lovely waistcoat my mum bought me!
1. Teal Corset that I own and was £200 at purchase time


On A Mission!
My christmas party dress!

Its a knee length almost off the shoulder black velvet dress, with some sequins and black satin around the neckline, and a flared skirt with netting under. I bought it 17 years ago for a christmas party when i once lost a huge amount of weight, and have never worn it since. I didnt even know i still had it till i went rooting around a spare wardrobe a couple of months ago.

Its more than a dress to me, it represents what i could be, what i almost am. Im not sure if im even too old to wear it now, but dammit if the dress fits me on 10th December when im going to a christmas party im gonna damn well wear it with pride. :)

Hey Lynn
If the dress fits - wear it - and NJOY XX
Happy Christmas
i will be happy to get into what were my 'fat' holiday clothes from last year. We are going away for christmas and i do not want to have to shop for clothes the week before we travel ( like last yr):eek: so i have them hung up in the dining room to remind me at meal times :eek:


is going to loose!
Oo I like this post!

1 - just to have all my jeans fit properly without a hangover!! Lol seriously just for my current 13s to fit.
2 - a black and white stripe dress which fit 3 months ago when I bought it but never got to wear it!
3 - favourite black work pants
4 - cream leather jacket
5 - my ultimate LBD, which I bought at my thinnest and still haven't worn it yet! Size 10 and silk.
i also forgot to mention the black linen trousers i bought to travel in last year!!! but they didn't fit so to wear those this year would be good. My daughter has her eye on them!! and if they do not fit me i have said she can have them :rolleyes: nice of her to offer to treat me to a chinese tho :D
i have a pair of black karen millen trousers in a size 12, they are the best fitting trousers i have ever owned (when they still fitted me!) and once i can put those on, do them up and still breath....well that is when i'll know ive done well :)
1. My size 12 Jane Norman jeans - still got the tags on
2. Black and aqua silk Chinese style dress
3. Any of my jeans without a hangover and rolls at the sides
4. I need to buy some new jumpers for the winter and want to look slim in anything I buy

My Jane Norman jeans are now hung on a hanger on the wall in the study so I see them whenever I walk past the room and when I use the computer as a reminder of where I want to be; still seems so far off but I will get there, I will I will I will.
I have lots of coats in a size 10. I can get them on but they are extremely tight under the arms and er there must be a 3 foot gap between button and buttonhole! I sometimes try them on and think that it would be ok to go out wearing them undone but then my daughter says, "No way,mum!" in horrified tones and back they go on the hanger!

I would quite like to wear knee high boots over a pair of skinny jeans but at the moment I can't even squeeze my legs into a pair of welly's!
i tried on some clothes yesterday. I can do up my leather trousers, but i have a post baby muffin top riding on top. I would like them to be looser by my birthday. If i can get them on comfilly i will post a pickie =) however i have never tried to lose post baby weight & i'm not even sure it will come off my tummy until i am a lot lighter.

i want to be able to get back into my green silk blouse, my skinny jeans with my camisole & cardie combo

eventually i want to be able to try on, but not wear my very skinny stone washed jeans which i have had in my cupboard since 1995! i used to love them. If they fit eventually I might dye them black and wear them with knee high boots, or I might just bye a new pair lol!

I have so many clothes that i would like to get into. They are quite stretchy most of them, so i can get them on at the mo, but they are not flattering. I'll need to lose a good 20 or 30 lbs more b4 they look nice. Then I will post some pickies =)
I have a pair of size 16 trousers i'm desperate to fit into, bought them 4 years ago and haven't worn them!
Once I fit into them I will buy a size 14 pair and then keep losing and losin until i'm in a size 10!!
size 12 jeans that used to make my butt look great lol
now I struggle just to get my legs into them and have no hope of getting them anywhere near done up
hopefully by next summer Ill be in them again
I have a pair of size 16 jeans from next that I have never worn. I have had them about 4 years. Also I can't wait to lose some weight from my legs so I can wear lovely dresses and also some knee high boots. Even the ones in Evans won't do up :(

I look forward to those days :)
My skinny shorts! I fit into them now, but I want them to make my bum/legs look good! Also, I don't have them yet, but my calves are too fat for knee high boots, but I'm really itching to get a pair of knee high doc martens.

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