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What shakes etc do you take??


Desires to be slim....
Hiya Lottie,

I keep it simple now. Choc all the way!!!

I mix them with ice & add Mint leaves to them which gives you a fresh choc mint taste!!! (mixed in the shaker of course)

If its cold in the evening, i have the choc hot! (and sometimes add coffee)

I did have vanilla my first week & added Coffee to it for a change
Had 2 soups a day for the last 3 months and a bit......MMMMMMMMM x;)


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Def choc all the way hun! xx


Desires to be slim....


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I have a strawberry shake with ice in the morning, a flapjack for lunch and vanilla shake with boiling hot water and spoon of coffee for dinner. It makes my day feel exciting :bliss:xx
M and M's:D:D:D xx


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Im finding that I only want the chocolate but am scared I will get sick of it??

Thats why I have a few vanilla's. Anyone just stuck to just chocolate throughout the whole diet???


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After the first week yeah i had choc throughout! Yummy with loads of ice mmmm x


Desires to be slim....
Sorry, I have 1 tsp of hot paprika, 1/2 tsp cheyenne pepper, 1/2 tsp hot chill powder and topped with ground black pepper, but today I bought some Garam Masala powder so added 1/2 tsp of that as well, really really nice but many hate the soup I love it, I will even have it when im done I reckon:D xxxx
couldn't stomach the soup. I've just had strawberry and choc...but now I'm not fussy on the strawberry, but lurrve the choc and I think it fills me up a lot more than the others.
Oh and liannap a BIG NO to salt hun xxx
I usually divide mine up, vanilla with ice i the morning, then the rest of the vanilla with coffee at about 12, strawberry for lunch about 3 and 6 and the hot chocolate before bed, yummy!!!!!
I usually have hot vanilla with coffee then i make some pepermint tea leave it to go cold and at dinner time put my strawberry shake in it then for tea i have hot choc with orange extract did have soup in the first week but after that couldnt face them anymore !!!!


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Soup and black pepper,took a leaf from gaz's book and tried chilli powder and paprika and cuury powder which is lovely,makes a change.Take strawberry in the mornings.I am on strawberry in the a.m,flapjack at lunch (an acquired taste) and chocolate in the evenings this week.


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I haven't dared try the soup yet! Even though I'm finding more and more that I could quite happily ignore my shakes and have no food at all, I have my first one mid afternoon, either a vanilla shake or a flapjack. Then I generally have another vanilla, either made into porridge with 2 teaspoons of psyllium husk or plain.
Sometimes I have a vanilla as a latte, but only once or twice a week as that makes it seem a bit too sweet.
I pretty much always have chocolate last thing in the evening, I have it hot with either peppermint tea or coffee. Feels like a treat!


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Oh never heard of the porridge!!
How do you make it??? is it nice

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