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Need help
Hi everyone,:)

Hopefully in November i should be down to my desired weight, so i was thinking of going out and celebrating, but because i haven't drunk alcohol for such a long time i am scared to. I have heard some stories that certain drinks dont mix with the diet and can make you feel ill. Is this true?

Can anyone help.

Sorry Nick cant help u there as i am allergic to booze but am sure someone will b around to answer your question.x
Just be careful drinking alcohol after being on this diet for several months. I normally can drink like a fish but i went from January until August without touching a drop. I went out on a girls night out and was drinking my usual vodka and mixers throughout the night and to say i was drunk at the end of the evening was an understatment. My friends have never seen me drunk and my hubby thought that it was more than amusing.Alcohol had effected me so much more than before the diet so just be very wary.

Thankyou, i did wondered that. I think i will go easy anyway just incase i make a pratt of myself.
Also to bear in mind, when you have a larger body mass, you can hold more alcohol. So you'll probably be a lightweight now :)
Have Fun !!
Let me tell you a story!

I finished the diet in February and during March we had friends over for dinner to talk about the Florida holiday.

I hadn't drunk since September the year before because of the diet.

Anyway I shared a bottle of red wine with Pete so 3 big glasses. Not only do I not remember finishing the third glass but Jo had to put me to bed, I was sick everywhere and spent 24 hours in bed and felt ill for about 4 days.

Hence be very very careful!!

At what point on the diet can you reintroduce booze? At the 1000, 1200 or 1500 stage or only after you have finished it completely? I have actually found it much easier than I thought to give up the alcohol but I am looking forward to opening a bottle of bubbly I have when I reach 9 stone!!:D
A glass of wine is on the 1500 menu from memory (not got my weight care book with me).

I've been drinking with no problems during and after getting to my goal weight but you HAVE to be sensible.

I drink dry white wine and for every glass i have i follow it with a bottle/glass of water - it works a treat and you never get to that really pissed stage just nice and tipsy. And hey presto i never get a hangover either cos i've kept myself hydrated through the evening.

I just spent the weekend in Blackpool and drank day and night (12 hours plus!) but always had water inbetween each glass. My normal friends were all over the place drunk but i was always in control and just enjoyed the tipsy feeling!!

I'd say choose dry white wine or clear spirits as these have the least amount of calories.

Good luck!
Cheers Mike - helpful as always. I'd have thought you'd have memorised that book by now though ;)