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Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Roxy101, 23 January 2014.

  1. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, just wanting to ask if anyone has any tips about how to have good losses through slimming world? I know that obviously you need to be on plan 100%, but what else do you think that you individually do makes you have a good week? Weather it being cutting out all bread for example. Thank you :) x
  2. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Well-Known Member

    Subbing because it's a great question and I would love to hear the responses :) x
  3. Roxy101

    Roxy101 Well-Known Member

    Just hoping I get some responses! :) x
  4. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Well-Known Member

    You will do don't worry, most people on here are lovely and very helpful :) x
  5. Sweethearts

    Sweethearts Well-Known Member

    Sounds boring and typical but upping my superfree helps. And mixing up my healthy extra's each day xx
  6. PrincessPink-x

    PrincessPink-x Well-Known Member

    This will sound strange but weeks where I eat lots of eggs I have good losses
  7. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Well-Known Member

    Weeks without bread I lose more, and first week I had no choc and lost 7lb where I'm sure ordinarily I'd have only lost 3/4 lb :)
  8. LuhLuhLoser

    LuhLuhLoser 4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.

    I find I've had better losses by not eating as much pasta. I absolutely love pasta, but I know I lose more weight when I go easy on it! I also try and have a couple of carb free lunches or dinners a week. I do still have pasta, but only on the weekends lol. It's become my treat night meal! And luckily it's still free! :)

    I also find upping my fruit intake helps, especially raspberries for some reason.
  9. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I find that spending syns on ingredients to meals rather than naughty treats of an evening makes for better losses. That and no bread. I can't remember the last time I had bread. I don't miss it anymore either :)
  10. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Well-Known Member

    That's like me with chocolate I hadn't had any for 28 days and I don't even miss it!

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