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I am thinking of trying the 750 plan as finding it really hard to get back into SS ing.

It is years since I counted a calorie and would prefer to use the WW points system along with my shakes instead.

What would be a sensible amount of points to have in addition to my 3 shakes a day? I would like to loose as fast as possible but probably not as much as just SS ing.

Does anyone combine the 2 systems sucessfully?

I lost 6 1/2 stone 2 years ago on just sole source but now since Christmas and an AI holiday recently I now have about 1 1/2 stone I would like to shift.

I have tried numerous times to just SS but just cant do it & end up bingeing.
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Not sure if its easy to convert into points as its not only calories but also the type of foods you are allowed to eat with the CD.

Well at least I think it is I am still quite new to all this.


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Hi 790 is pretty limited in food choices, CD balance up the carbs, protein and fat to complement the packs.

As there is little choice, it would be possible to convert them to WW points. But I'm not sure it would be worth doing. It wouldn't be a case of eating a WW dessert and saying as it's 6 points it's the same as the points in the chicken breast. OK an extreme example which represent how I would think of it:)

For 790 the foods are selected so you stay in ketosis and so lose weight faster than if you ate the same number of cals but weren't in ketosis. As the foods are so limited, there isn't much cal counting on 790 at all. Once you've figured out 10oz of fish that's pretty much it!

BTW I thought 790 was great when SS stops being possible - not sure why this happens but sometimes it just feels impossible. You can use it to take you to SS or stay on it with similar losses to SS.

Sorry to ramble, HTH