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What would you do with it?


frustrated bander!
pay for my gastric bypass! and then a total body lift afters!!:eatdrink051:


Spam Hunter
Oooh good one!

Put some of it towards getting my flat ready for sale then buying a house and the rest to clear my debts and pay for surgery to remove the 'loose bits'!


Gold Member
would have to be sensible... would pay off debts, buy a new car, and then put the rest towards a house!

(although I would love to blow it on a big diamond ring and a fab holiday!)

wouldn't it be lovely to win that much... I wish!

1. A car for me, KP, my 2 daughters, my son, and my ex.
2.Pay off debts.
3.Pay off mortgage.
4.Holiday for everyone of my friends and family

.... oops ran out of money part the way through 3. - can I win £200k please??!!! Was fun spending it though!!
I would pay it off my mortgage, it wouldnt be fully paid off, but it would reduce the term loads and I could retire early

Aunt Bam

Full Member
I would give half to my mum as she deserves a treat, and book a holiday aboard for myself.
Pay off my debts, put down a deposit on a house, give some to family...

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