What's it like being so hungry?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by rachelh, 17 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. rachelh

    rachelh is loving the soup?!

    I know I'm posting a lot, I'm enthusiastic lol.
    What is it like feeling so hungry waiting for ketosis?
    I can't imagine it, and can't imagine how I will resist it.
    The longest I've ever gone without food is about 36 hours when I was ill, and obviously...I was ill. I didn't want to eat.
    What do you do when you want to gnaw off your own arm?
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  3. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

    Lipotrim TFR
    I've been on it a while now, so maybe I have forgotten the pain, but I don't remember being that hungry or I don't suppose I would have got through it!

    I just drank loads and your not eating nothing, cos the shakes have your vits and there are a bit filling (kind of, maybe).

    Good luck and keep distracted x
  4. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

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    i was quite hungry and crabby for a couple of days, but then ketosis kicked in real fast and apart from a couple of times when I have felt peckish, I can truly say that the hunger goes away when ketosis arrives
  5. andhow

    andhow Full Member

    it's weird - i didn't feel hungry - just empty as i was so used to filling up with food but i honestly can't say i've felt hungry. sometimes you can feel a bit weak i find - i tend to just go to bed if i'm at home or put my head on my desk if i'm at work! Keep drinking water/black coffee etc - it really does help and good luck - this works!
  6. rachelh

    rachelh is loving the soup?!

    Thanks guys! I feel a lot better about it after reading those!
  7. charliegirl

    charliegirl Silver Member

    Gastric Bypass
    Can I ask what you do with your time? I ask because I spend so much time in the kitchen preparing food or shopping for it. It must be great to have all that extra time to do other things. I fear I would get so hungry on this diet that I would not last very long at all. I would also fear the headache that you get in the first few days as headaches rule my life and are hard to shake off. I admire anyone on this diet it takes true determination well done to you all......Linda x
  8. BlackRose

    BlackRose Gold Member

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    Boots Slender Shakes
    My first few days are loaded with paracetamol, water, hot baths and early nights. Just pass the time til ketosis kick in. I had a slip yesterday because I kept so busy I forgot to take my shakes -so I was ravenous last night. Remember to take the shakes, and stay relaxed! Thats all I can say.

  9. andhow

    andhow Full Member

    it's weird - i didn't ever think i spent much time cooking but i must have as i have b*gger all to do in the evenings now. Well that's not quite true - I can cook for my OH now - we like different types of food so I don't get tempted and just dish up his food and have my soup. I start college tomorrow so that'll be Thursday nights taken care of! The first week was hard - early nights figured large but things get easier.honest. and it's worth it
  10. Sarahv25

    Sarahv25 Always welcome new m8's!

    Its a nightmare but i resist by timing my shakes well! I have slipped up but im telling u its not worth it as its so much harder to get back on LT!

    keep active, keep busy and drink water likes its going out of fashion!
  11. Peggie

    Peggie Full Member

    A lot of my time was taken up with meal planning, shopping, preparing food, cooking and clearing up and I knew the extra time might be a problem when I started LT. I dealt with it by planning a lot of jobs for the first week - I don't think I've ever done as much housework in one week! I also got a couple of books as I can lose myself for hours in a good story. I've also gone back to a cross stitch project I've had on the go for a while.

    My advice would be to think about how to fill your time so that you don't think about the fact that it's a mealtime.

    Hope that helps,
    Peggie x x
  12. Gene Genie

    Gene Genie Mad as cheese

    in my first week i painted the hall.. the stairs.. the landing.. the living room.. the bathroom.. the kitchen.. then i ran out of paint and money for paint so i rode my bike for miles i walked for miles i dont remember being hungry because i just drank loads of water and distracted myself .. i was pretty lucky i went into ketosis on day 2. I woke up in the morning and tada!! i wasnt hungry though for the week before i had reduced my carb intake down anyway to prepare for ketosis so this probably helped but i was starving that week.. one bit of advice is dont have a last night of freedom and eat what you want because itll just take longer to undo it

    Gen x
  13. hatebeingfat

    hatebeingfat Member

    HI gene genie
    just wondering how will i know im in ketosis. THis is day 3 and im flying it. ever went cycling yesterday wit my kids. Also how much water are you drinking? Hope im getting enough. Might monitor it today.congrats on your weight loss its brilliant. hopefully that be me soon
  14. TheMilkTrayMan

    TheMilkTrayMan Full Member

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    Your question is "whats it like to go without food". It is important to remember you ARE NOT going without food, the shakes are your food, you are just going without your normal food. The shakes provide all the required nutrition, vitamins etc. On LT you are not going without food!!!!
  15. hatebeingfat

    hatebeingfat Member

    just wondering guys what the signs are of ketosis
  16. Gene Genie

    Gene Genie Mad as cheese

    Hi Hatebeingfat
    you will know you are in ketosis when .. your breath stinks mingin in the morning so that you think that something has died in your mouth. You just wont feel hungry seriously you get to the point where you have to remind yourself to drink your shakes because your not hungry it can take anything up to a week to get into ketosis but if your feeling great then odds are you may already be there.

    If you really want to know get some ketostix and pee on one first thing in the morning it will turn purple if you are in ketosis but please make sure that you drink enough water it should be showing either negative or pale pink by the end of the day or you are not drinking enough water

    You should be drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day but if you can drink more (up to about 4/5 litres) then you will fly thorough LT with ease

    You can do it and you will do it if you just set your mind to it :)
    Good luck on your journey Gen xx
  17. hatebeingfat

    hatebeingfat Member

    GeneGenie, Thanks for that. Think i might be in ketosis so:D. Just readin your weight loss. Oh my god, you did brilliant....WELL DONE TO YOU. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all:D
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