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whats worng with me??

I have debated whether to post or not but I am struggling so much I am so tired and low. I feel like such a failure. Everytime I stand up I feel like I might collapse. I just have no energy and want to cry all the time... I am sorry to bring the mood down guys but I didn't know who else to talk to! Don't want to tell anyone else esp GP..

Hope xx:cry:
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weighs a lot less
to be honest hun i really struggled after my holiday but you know you can do it,if you are feeling unwell though you should speak to someone medical xx
you really need to babe, you have just been in hospital and you need to know there are no relationships with your recent op and your diet , see your gp it might just put your mind at rest and you may feel better xxxxxxxx take care hunx


too hot to handle!!
oh my god you have done so well,,you have nothin to worry about,,we all get days like that,try a warm bath and an early night and maybe tomorrow you will feel better


Must do it this time
:)..isnt it awful when you feel like that eh... but you have done so well and you look fab .. so yeah an early night as in previous post.. see how you feel in the morning ... and if no better then maybe a visit to gp would not go amiss .. i reckon we can all get a bit down in the dumps now and then... you will be fine .. chin up lass!:) sharon x
Thank you all sooooo much!! I think I may just check in with a medic and see what they say! I can't believe I wasn't going to post now. Thank you all for everything you are saying. I have not said this too anyone as they weren't keen for me to do this diet again. And the others keep saying how great and determind I must be! So I would just feel like I am letting them down. I have 3 stone still to loose and most don't want me to loose that. GRRRRRRRR!!!! ARGHHH!!!

Thank you again all my inspirational buddies xx


weighs a lot less
your health is the most important thing though ,the weight could always wait hun xx
awww honey so sorry to hear you are not feeling your best. Think you should get things checked at the docs just to put your mind at ease. Hope you are back to your usual self soon Big Hugs xxxx
Awww honey i hope youre feeling better? I def agree that you should get medical advice esp after your op..not worth any risks hun! Let us know xxxx


Back again - hey ho!
Hope you are feeling MUCH better this morning hunny xxx


Says it as it is!!!
Hope you're feeling better hun, and good luck with the weigh in ... i am sure you will have done fantastic!!!!
N x


Regular Member
Good luck with weigh in hun....hope you are feeling better.x
Good luck babe you'll be fine. And are you better this morning.x
Aww hun i bet you will be pleasantly surprised..let us know xxx
Well they didn;t have time to weigh me today so I just got the script! I have a doc appointment tomorrow. I am soooo feeeling just the same. what am I going to do I am unhappy and that really isn't me xx
Rise above it babe and cheer up the docs will put your mind at rest xxxxx


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Awh babe :hug99: maybe your not ready to go back on LT after your op!

I felt awful last nite but today feel fantastic again, happy to hear your going to the doc!

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