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when do you stop feeling hungry

hey im on lipotrim tfr day 11 and i stopped on day 5 although do have the occasional pang. how much water are you drinking and are you in ketosis yet x x
hi am drinking between 2.5 and 3 ltrs a day,dont really no if im in ketosis but my mouth tastse awfull today and keep feeling a bit dizzy 2?
maybe you need to drink a bit more water just because of the dizzyness, and the bad taste is probably the start of your ketosis. when is weigh in day for you x x
yeah will try to,my weigh in day is wednesday carnt wait to get my first week over with mabye will start to feel better then if i have a good weight loss x
you will i felt a bit rough with it until my first weigh in now cant wait for second on thursday x x
i hope so,you had a really good weight loss didnt you hope mines as good as yours x
you will have a good one too. just keep your chin up til then and it will give you the much needed motivation x x x


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Hi mummyD - I felt hungry for a whole week the first time I did it, and couldn't say I lost my interest in food even after that! Wasn't starving all the time after the first week though.

Keep the faith until that weigh-in - there's nothing like that step on the scales and looking down and seeing the fat melting off!
I felt hungry for quite a few weeks after I started but then you one day realise that you are not hungry but your tummy is rumbly! IIt does go off. Myself and quite a few of the others all felt a feeling of euphoria which is a fantastic feeling. It keeps you feeling positive and when the weight starts to melt off you (it literally does) you feel so fantastic that food is the last thing that you want!

Try to keep yourself busy when you get your hungry moments and drink lots of water to keep you full but it's important not to guzzle it down or your tummy will still expect large volumes. All the very best chick and let us know how you go with your weigh-in. X
ive been doing it a week now and feel a lot better today,and ive been weighed and lost 6 1/2lbs so am pleased with that,and before lipotrim i was doing weightwatchers and lost 8lb so lost me first stone but still a way to go yet x
Well done Mummy!! That's fantastic!

I hope i do as well as you x
you will probably do better because i have been dieting before i started this my bodys already burning fat the pharmasist said so you minght lose a bit more if its your first week dieting because you normally lose all your water first week my friend who i go with lost 10 1/2,whens your weigh in day?good luck xx


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re the hunger pangs, just make sure you drinking plenty. i used to drink 4 1/2 ltrs a day and this helps a lot. my tummy used to rumble occasionally but really youve just got to ignore it and concentrate on your goal:) youll get there very quickly im sure

good luck

h x
I only started today so i don't weigh in until next Tuesday.. I have decided to have my shakes at 10am, 2pm and 6pm... Does this seem ok?

I have only had my 1st shake today, and have drunk 2 pints of water as well, but am feeling very tired and have a bit of a headache.. I hope this passes.

Your weight loss is fantastic! Keep it up and i am sure the time will fly by x
yeah i think thats ok i have mine round about them times i was getting headaches a bit at fist and a bit tired was told if you getting headaches you not drinking enough water so just try and drink a bit more and your allowed to take paracetomal too,i have done a week now and have a lot more energy than at the start even managed to go swimming today,so just stick with it and it should pass after a few days xx
slimmersu the headaches pass after a day or 2 i suffered really bad at the begining but only for a couple of days. your time for shakes sounds ok but once you start them you might want to move the times to suit your body. good luck x x
and mummyd well done on your weight loss thats a great start x x x
thanks so so hopefull xx
just been for weigh in another 6 off so just over a stone in 2 weeks. totally loving lipotrim x x

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