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My wedding is on 28th May - just 14 and a half weeks away. Ideally I'd like to lose another 2 stone, but my weight is dropping so slowly I doubt that will happen!


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I have just booked my wedding 2day!! So excited! Its on 31st July this year! Still got 1 stone 9lbs to lose!! Not even thinking about a dress yet!! xxx


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Im getting married 23rd July, 5 months to go! ive lost 2 1/2 stone so far, got another stone to lose by then!

Anyone else excited yet nervous ?


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So I'm the first of us then???

I'm excited, but actually rather blase about it - strange for me as I'm normally Miss Neurotic Worrier!!!

I've been SO organised I just want it all to happen now. All I have left to do is order the cake from M&S (3 weeks before), get the ceremony form back to the registrar (end of April) and lose the weight so I can get in my dress!!! lol


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Mines on October 16th and I want to lose another 4 stone. People keep asking me if and when I'm getting my dress but I can't even think about that until I lose a couple more stone. Do you think I'll have enough time to lose this and get the dress? I was hoping to start looking for a dress in August. Hoping by then the 4stone will be gone.


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Do you think I'll have enough time to lose this and get the dress? I was hoping to start looking for a dress in August. Hoping by then the 4stone will be gone.

Hi hun,

it depends on what sort of dress you're going to get. If you're doing a 'proper' wedding dress, you should get some advice from a bridal shop as I believe they need to have at least 3 months for alterations and fitting. If you're going to get a 'posh frock' from a department store (like I did) then you can leave it til much closer to the time (assuming they'll still have what you want in stock by then!)

Can't comment on whether you'll lose the weight you want to lose in the time you want as we all lose weight at different rates. My goal was to lose 2 stone from the beginning of February to my wedding, which should have been achievable if I lost 1.5 lbs a week. However, my net loss since the beginning of February has been 2 lbs, so I need to do something to boost the loss.

There are loads of wedding fairs on at the moment, so why not have a day out one weekend and go and get some free advice?


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Hi brides-to-be!

I'm very excited I just ordered my wedding dress! I ordered it in a size 14 and at the mo I'm an 18, so I need to lose 2-3 stone, I'm also getting married July 23rd Vikpow!! I've lost 5 stone over the last year so I'm hoping now I've ordered a smaller dress it will help me get a couple more off!
Crunchyfrog I agree with Foxy you should prob start having a look around in the next couple of months, my bridal store advised me to order at least 4 months before, which is really difficult when you're losing weight isn't it! When I tried my dress on before xmas I barely squeezed into it and the back was all open, when I said i wanted to lose weight the woman said to me 'all brides say that but the majority never do' and today she remebered me and the sample dress fitted nicely and she said oooo you've done so well and I just thought HAHA I'm proving you wrong! So go for it and have a good mooch through the dresses and try a few on and then when you go back in a few months you'll be amazed at how brilliant it feels to have lost weight and feel good about yourself :) xxx


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I'm getting married in mid-Nov and I have another 5 stone to lose before I want to get married. Not even thinking about the dress at the moment as I think it would make me cry having to buy one in my current dress size!
Will start looking at end of June me thinks!


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Hey - 7 weeks to go for me! I'm am so excited now it's unreal. I'm afraid I might be too excited and getting myself all worked up and exhausted. Just a few pounds left to go for me, well not really, I just need my waist to get a bit smaller so I can fit into my dress. x

Go Pix - I really don't like going to the bridal shop so I'm glad you showed them you can lose the weight. The ladies in my shop are really snooty and false. Kinda spoils the whole dress experience!


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I'm getting married on Friday 13th August 2010. I'd like to think I can get to my goal weight of 10 stones but who knows - it's over three stones.

I'm ordering my dress this weekend. It was the very latest time I could order and like others have said - such a pain when you are losing weight. However, the bridal shops know their stuff, so just ask. The dress I've chosen can be altered down by three dress sizes without affecting the design and how it looks and hangs etc.

The sample in the shop fitted me perfectly a few weeks ago - I think I will order it one size smaller.

Good luck ladies.

Katrina x


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31st july this year, wanna lose as much as i can!


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My wedding is the 6th August 2011. As my weight has very little correlation to my size (i.e when I was a size 12 in my teens, I still weighed 13 stone), I would like to be a comfortable size 16. I'm currently a size 22-24. 5 dress sizes seems VERY intimidating at the moment and I fear I haven't given myself enough time. The first dress size usually goes quickly but then as I get nearer target it's like pulling teeth!!

Also, a size 16 might still seem big for some but I've been a size 22ish for so long it'll be a blessed relief! haha.


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I am getting married 30th July and don't have a set figure in mind, just wanna lose as much as I can between now and then. I have gone down 5 dress sizes in 8 months so however much or little I lose over next 3 months, I will still look a thousand times better than I did! I do hope to lose a couple of stone though so I am close to target and can feel good in the pool on honeymoon. Good luck ladies xxx


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our ten year renewal is in march 2012, I was a size 18 for the first one and want to be a 12-14 for this one
the first, although beautiful wasn't 'exactly' how I wanted, so this one is going to be
I'm wearing same dress, but I want it altered - a LOT!

good luck all!


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Im getting married on the 27th of August 2011 and Ive bought a dress.... i love it but it was cheap in a sale online haha and a copy of a designer dress I fell in love with... Ive bought it (dun dun duuuun) 4 dress sizes smaller then I needed when I tried it on in the shop but Ive got 15 months to fit into it and so far its working... I came home from work and saw a pizza box with half a pizza in.. opened the box... sniffed it... considered "1 slice wont hurt" shut the box, went up to my room, got my dress out and went and made a chicken salad and threw the pizza in the bin.

The dress will probably be totally ruined if I get it out everytime I want to eat something bad but will be worth the lost money if I get down to my target weight.

Good luck to everyone!


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My wedding is on 18th September - that's 18 weeks tomorrow! In 2008 I lost 10 stone going from 24 stone to 14 in 9 months. I went down from a size 32 to a 14/16. However, in the past 6 months I've put on 5 stone again. I started back on CD 3 weeks ago but its coming off painfully slowly. I'm doing about 2lbs a week! Last time I had lost nearly 2stone in the first 3 weeks!!

I've spoken to the bridal shop and have an appointment on Tuesday. My problem is that I shall be 60 in 10 days time and most of the dresses out there are for young brides! I don't want a suit - that, to my mind, is for old ladies - and I may be 60 in body but I'm not ready to be old yet - too much living to do still!! I've explained the whole situation and the proprietor is going to get out some suitable dresses for me to try that she will be able to take in several sizes. This is a shop that sells 'off the peg' and some samples so I don't have to worry about 'order in' times.

Everything else is in hand: my fiance and I made all the invitations and I'm in the process of doing the Orders of Service, Place cards and favours. The men's suits are ordered and I know what the small bridesmaids and page boys are wearing but there's no point in buying them yet as three of them are only 2, one is 5 (all my grandchildren) and they will have grown so much by then. I don't know what the big bridesmaid (14) is going to wear yet so I have that, my dress, the cars and the flowers still to organise.

Mostly I'm quite chilled out about it all - but my dress is doing my head in!!!

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!! Also suggestions for the sort of style deemed suitable for a 14 year old?