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When will i start to feel 'thin'?


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Argh this week has been really odd, ive had a really bad time as a student (my mentor made up loads of things about me; and i got into trouble- all got sorted though and now she's the one in trouble!)

I've just not been feeling 'dedicated' or healthy; also im 2 weeks overdue for my AF, and im starting to get worried..

I still feel like a fat lump of lard even though im sticking to the diet..i just want to be able to look in the mirror now and go 'wow..i do look better!' its my 3rd week now..
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hey hunny.. i wish i could tell you that.. but i honestly can't. Everyone is so different. I was still trying to buy size 18 clothes after loosing two and half stone and crying that i was fat. Yet my best friend.. who since joining slimming world just cant get into and has gained weight almost every other week.. is saying she feels so much slimmer despite not loosing anything!! lol .. it is only now that i feel.. 'slim' but i still have days where i wonder whether i need another 2 stone off instead of 13 pounds. . . your day will come.. when you catch yourself in a mirror.. or find you need another size smaller.. :) and then you'l really feel it.

Be patient.. :)



Desperate to be slim!
Everyone is different, but for me it took a good 6 weeks or so... it was after I'd lost one and a half stone, and got my club ten, and all my clothes were suddenly too big, apart from those in the back that haven't been worn for 2 years!

Now I'm at a bit of a plateau I feel fat again, although people keep telling me I look amazing. A parent in my class commented on Wednesday, and that's after I've lost 2 stone.

I would say be patient, keep trying, and eventually you will notice a difference. It will probably always be a struggle, but the plan does work.

Keep positive hun...

Emma xXx


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I am just beginning to feel slimmer and I have lost 2 stone aswell. I do think we all have fat feeling days and am sure you will start to feel great soon.


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Pleased to hear that you got that situation sorted.
I think that you should resort to the tape measure and the mirror! With the tape measure you can see your loss, I have a theory that at first it's a very thin layer that goes so you don't notice it as much. And with the mirror, (we have a full length one in the loo at work!) you take a big breath and suck everything in :8855: and you look at your creases / hollows, and spot the ones that have appeared or changed shape since last week!
Keep an article of clothing you can't get into, or is too tight, and try it on at the end of every week. I have some trousers I bought in Tesco's for my holiday last year , I couldn't even do the zip up (but I wasn't taking them back and admit they were too small!). Now I can get them on AND do the zip up, but I wouldn't like to sit down in them!
I know after just over a stone (I lost some before I started SW) I'm a much better shape, but slim? Not yet, but it's happening and the day will come when I dofeel slimmer. Good luck, just keep going.


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I never feel "thin". Have good days and bad days but am always convinced I'm fat. I think that's what a lifetime of fighting the flab does for you . . .

If you've been stressed (which it sounds like), that could be a reason why AF could be late.


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Thanks so much guys, ive been panicking all night about my AF and luckily it showed its ugly head this morning so maybe i'll stop feeling so bloated?

it just feels like an uphill struggle right now. I wouldn't have kept going if it wasn't for you guys!!


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I have my good days and bad.

I've lost 2st and on the one hand I feel really great, I'm in size 14 jeans and 16 tops and I bought my first tankini the other day....and yet, I look in the mirror and a size 20 girl is looking back me. Some times I think 'oh yeah, I look great and it was all worth it' and other days I'm like 'urgh, still got a fat belly, my arse looks saggy, I wish the double chin would disappear' etc etc etc....I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be happy with my looks.:(


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As all above has said hun, we have our good days and bad days! You've started the journey which as you will know, will not be a quick fix but a lifestyle change. But that lifestyle change is going to chnge your life for the better! I'm started wearing more fashionable clothes and not just clothes that fit, and yet still feel like a lump of lard! I don't know if that will ever change, but at least we know we will always be concsoius of it and not let us escalate again!

Your doing so well, so keep going and you'll feel and look great soon enough chick :):)

K xx

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