who remembers me?????

sarah-louise x

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hi all,

well iv not been on for a while but for good reasons i promise! earlier this year i did the 3 mth lighter life programme and lost 3 stone but became unwell towards the end and had to come off it. i then became very unwell, my gp couldnt find a cause and sent me home with nausea tablets and was told to rest as i had no energy at all and we were both putting it down to lighterlife. However, about 4 weeks later i was still unwell and decided that despite being told id never have a second child due to many complications and previous surgery, i did a pregnancy test. We were very shocked as it was positive!!!! Even previous IVF failed and we were told to give up so to fall pregnant whilst taking medication to stop my periods was a huge huge shock!! But a very good shock! We are now nearly 16 weeks pregnant, all our scans are all good, i feel great now the sickness has passed and im looking forward to re joining lighter life after the birth later next year!!! I just thought id update u all incase u wondered where id suddenly gone!

thats enough of me, well 'us', how is everyone else???? im looking forward to catching up with those from b4 as well as making new LL buddies :)

xx xx xx
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im new to LL, starting in jan!!!! just wanted to say welcome back and congratulations on your fab news!! you must be delighted.

best of health to you and your little bump xx



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Congratulations on your lovely news, I'm quite new here but will probably still be here when you start LL again as I have a lot to lose.
Congratulations again.


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ah sarah what lovely news the same thing happened to 1 of my friends when she lost weight she just fell pregnant.
Look forward to seeing your baby pics next summer

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Hi Sarah! Course I remember you!!

And I did wonder whereyou had wandered off to as well, so its great to hear from you, and with such wonderful news as well.

A hearty congrats to you and your man - what wonderful news and a great xmas pressie to boot!!!

Sta in touch! Will be great to see you back in the swing of things but you can still post in the mean time of course. :)

See you!



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What lovely news!!


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Awwww, congratulations to you, you must be over the moon!

I had been told that LL can increase your fertility, I'd better take care LOL - only went back to work 8 days ago after being on maternity leave.

Louale x

sarah-louise x

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hi all,

well what can i say, i didnt expect so many replies!! thank u!! its great to see so many new comers on here, u will have a fab journey and i wish u all the best! i look forward to watchin your progress and seeing how your all doing.

BL - WOW! look at u!!!!! u have done fantastic! uv come so much further since i was last here in the summer, i wouldnt have recognised your pics! good for u!

i cant wait to show u my pics along the way, will be quite fun to see u all shrink as i grow lol then u can all watch me shrink after iv had my baby lol

i definately think LL played a part in my conception so ladies...beware!!!! lol i laughed it off when my leader told me that it can increase fertility, never in a million years did i think it would happen to me, but im over joyed and so looking forward to the next 5 mths. of which il post and update and add pics for u all to see my ever expanding waistline lol

big THANK U to u all for leaving me such lovely messages and hope u all have huge success

xx xx xx


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Congratulations on your lovely news!!


nearly there!! :)
such amazing news specially when u had given up hope...just shows there is such thing as a miracle.
well done chic xxx

sarah-louise x

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S: 16st13lb C: 16st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 39.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi all,

hope your all doing well! just to say a big thank u again for your lovely messages, i cant wait to add some pics for u all, might add a few 'bump pics' after christmas to show u all how much im growing, well how much 'we' are growing lol. im now at the stage where none of my clothes fit so i think i need to go shopping, yeay!!! xxxx