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Who stops eating when they're full?!?


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I always finish off what is in front of me. If I end up too full, just leave it longer to the next meal or eat less at the next meal. Hate to waste food.
However, trying to manage portions better so we never have too much on our plates.

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The idea is to put your fork down between mouthfuls and also have a drink of water at hand.
I physically have to stop when my body tells me enough now with my GB!! Lol


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I had to rewrite my food diary tonight as I really had enough and couldn't fit in a piece of bread as well. Some things I am doing are having a glass of water few mins before my meal, then putting my meal in a smaller plate and make it full so it looks like more too and also trying to eat slower. Before I used to finish everything on my big plate, but these day I feel really full just having a small plate full.


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If i'm full I now leave it otherwise I can begin to feel sick and it spoils what I have already eaten.

Its all new to me so feeling pretty chuffed I can now do it :D


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Well done to everyone who stops eating when they are full - I am aiming to get there but am still struggling. If I only ate when I was hungry and stopped when I had had enough I would be half the size I am.
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I read a tip recently, to only ever eat at the table, and to prop a mirror in front of you to stop you being a slobby eater! Then do the knife and fork down, drink water etc.

I think the mirror may put me off food for life!
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oh jesus i couldnt eat with a mirror infront of me it would put me off my food:) i try to stop when im full, im a slow eater which i think is good cause u can feel yourself getting full, i have in the past done the "pour washing liquid over the remains to make sure u dont eat anymore" but that was a waste of good food so i save what can be saved in the fridge for a snack later xx


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I stop eating when I feel full and always have done. It's what I ate that made me overweight, and now I only eat when I feel hungry, even if it's only one meal a day.
I don't eat for the sake of eating.
Not I! However I do try not to overload my plate and always weigh a (good) portion of pasta and rice so I don't cook too much.

I've been trying to reduce my meal sizes a little, eg last night we had bubble and squeak cakes with eggs, I normally would have beans with these but I missed out on the beans and tbh I didn't need them.

I always serve rice and pasta meals in a bowl so it doesn't look "lost" on a plate and I always always eat my meals at the table (all meals!) - I'm a bit of a pain about it with DD, even a sandwich has to be eaten at the table!

But, in answer to the question, no, I don't stop when I'm full but I do try not to eat enough to get so full! (apart from when socialising when I can burst......)


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I think I eat too quickly for my body to realise that it's full!

I was brought up to finish whats on my plate and it's a very difficult habit to break! I'm trying to improve my portion control instead :)

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