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Why am I so hungry????


She's me in a few months
I'm on the second week, most def in ketosis, getting a nice vibrant pink pee stick, and I'm starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the slightest tempted to go and eat something, I'll make do with a shake and a nice cup of tea, but I thought this growling tummy hunger was supposed to stop???
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Haha thats funny coz my tummy often rumbles, i dont feel hungry tho but it growls at me alot. Guess it does not like that fact i aint feeding it junk food lol <3 xxx


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scooter do you have any of the vegetable drink powder? I find when my belly does that (whether or not i feel hungry) I have some of this drink and it helps a lot.....x


She's me in a few months
Haven't tried that. All I seem to have is chocolate tetras! I think I'll munch a wee bit of chicken, it might settle it. Perhaps it's my stomach contracting, they say it shrinks when you're not filling it!


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Hang on in there scooterchick, we all get these strange days that are tough, and then the so much easier days when it all goes marvellously.
Keep doing a great job with dieting and losing weight, its all so worth it x


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The grumbling stomach is because your stomach isn't very full, it's the gases from digestion moving through the liquid in there! I've had a hungry couple of days too, but have managed to avoid food. The pink could be partly dehydration too, are you drinking enough?? You're doing a great job, just stick with it!