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why are the weekends sooo hard


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its saturday morning and during the week everyone just gets up and shoots out to work/school etc. but at weekends they all lounge about watching tv and EATING!! my son has just cooked a breakfast and the smell is gorgeous.....thats why im on this trying to take my mind off food. im going for a walk in half hour if it stops raining.....something ive never done before :eek:
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All your doing is letting boredom set in and im affraid boredom = eating in your eyes. So just keep busy and you'll be fine.


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thanks for that its appreciated.........im just making a list now of the shitty jobs ive been avoiding around the house for years so gonna start doing them on the weekends
I think weekends are harder too. Try to keep yourself busy and not focus on food. As you said weekends tend to mean lazing and eating for a lot of people but you need to break this habit cos if you do that after you reach your goal you will put the weight back on. I think diets are about changing the way you eat for ever otherwise if you go back to bad habits nothing will change. I am going to try a new hobby that I can do at weekends :)


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thanks................are you gonna tell us what the hobby is or is it a secret lol
lol - going to go back to horse riding as soon as I think a horse could cope with my weight. Also do some volunteer work on a regular basis, just things that change the pattern of weekends. :)


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excellent...............wel done you!! ive never tried horse riding thou
you should try it, its great. VERY panful when you first start as you use loads of muscles that you dont normally use! :)
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Oh I would love to do horse riding - it would be so cool! Im pretty busy though so I havent got any spare time at the mo!

I hope u enjoy ur walk rugen - I think walking is the big key to success not only on this diet - but just in life in general. It gives you time out to think, clears your head, relaxes you, stop you from comfort eating etc. If you can walk somewhere that is natural - like by a river, lake, mountain I think this is better as its more relaxing, and I was using my walking time to think over all the things I want to achieve. It really helps you focus and gives you a real air of excitement!

Im sure you will get through the wkend no problemo at all!

Im actually going for one of those universal body contour wraps today - im actually feeling a little bit apprehensive about it! lol But if I loose inches all over and it makes my skin really nice it will be worth it eh!

Went to poker last night AGAIN - got to the final table AGAIN - but got busted out before the money AGAIN! Ahhhhh... so frustrated!!! lol

enjoy yourbody wrap hun (better than a chicken ceaser one eh!!) Let us know the results xx

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