Getting off the roller coaster ride


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I finally settled on a solid low-carb diet which works well. I walk/hike daily for an hour. I do regular weight lifting and isometrics to build muscle, but that is slow going and at times I wonder why all the guys around me in the gym seem to so easily put on muscle. I workout with a few of them and we do the same general routines, spotting for each other, but my progress is so much slower, even they are baffled as they are watching me do the reps day in and day out.

I have been able to keep the weight off and I am at 160 and 5'11, well within my BMI weight range.

What i do not understand is, according to mainstream science, all I have to do to look like a human body that you see in any scientific anatomy book, with all the muscle built and right structure, is be within my BMI weight range. I am well within BMI but, as skinny as I am, I still have fat everywhere. Inside thighs, buttocks, stomach, inside and back of arms. My healthcare provider has no answer at this point, and before when I was obese the only answer they gave was I must be cheating and that as soon as I stop cheating I will lose the weight and look just like the human body in any scientific anatomy book. But i do not. And now they have no explanation other than I need to lift more weights.

Well, ok, i do not mind the weightlifting, what I mind is the contradictory statements and the lack of acceptance of the evidence at hand. I put in the work, i lost the weight and am keeping it off with a good diet and exercise, but my body still has fat and cellulite in so many places, even though I am skinny. I look terrible with my shirt off, no form or structure of any kind.

What gives? If mainstream science is right and all I have to do to look like a Christopher Hemsworth or Chris Pratt is lose the weight to get to my safe BMI range, then why does my body look so terrible even though I am well within BMI and skinny? Why should I have to do any extra work to lift weights if all human bodies are structurally the same in terms of muscle and posture? Does anyone else experience this?
Hi Patz. Welcome to Minimins. I have two thoughts and no expert insight ....

First - do something else - hot yoga, cross fit or rabble ( - something really physical and sweaty that uses your whole body.

Second - intermittent to use the fat ( Jason Fung youtube videos).