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Why do i do this to myself????

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Vicki-26, 5 June 2011 Social URL.

  1. Vicki-26

    Vicki-26 Full Member

    Hi Everyone

    Well WI tomorrow and I just carnt face it after yet another bad week I don't know what's wrong with me at the minute, I have always been an emotional eater with stress/upset feeling down etc and I carnt seem to pick myself out of this mess at the minute I have so much going on Im not giving SW my 100% focus :(

    At the minute there us talk of me losing my job as been told everyone is vulneable and I was last in!! So been stressing about this and looking for other jobs of which there are none and the moral at work is terrible everyone is so miserable I feel miserable knowing I have to be there tomorrow :( we have a wedding this year so finances are very very tight which causes arguments and upset and I feel fed up with everything!!! And now feel even worse as I have let my weight loss journey lapse and I'm just increasing in weight!!! :(

    Apologies for the rant just don't know weather to carry on or not I'm going to attempt going back to writing food diaries tomorrow and see what happens might skip WI though

    Vicki x
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  3. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy Gold Member

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    My consultant always says:

    When you've had a good week the group needs you but when you've had a bad week, that's when you need the group.

    Don't skip weigh in. Use it as a tombstone for the bad choices. This is it, from now onwards decide to stick to plan. Make a list of reasons why you want to lose weight, what are the advantages? Then, keep that list with you... use it as a reminder. Stick some of the reasons on your fridge... I have on mine "to be healthy" "to not be the fat sister anymore" "to feel sexy in my skin". They're slightly embarassing but they remind me not to over induldge, cause every time I do is a step AWAY from my goals. I am not putting on my weight again. ;)

    Get back on the wagon. Get a food diary out, maybe plan some meals. Get control in one area and it'll reduce the stress in other areas. :)
  4. Vicki-26

    Vicki-26 Full Member

    Thank you for the kind words ladies

    Beautifulmess - sorry to hear about your piggie I have guinea pigs too lovely little things they are and can understand how you feel coz I would be gutted to lose either of mine hope your ok.

    Yes I work in admin for a holiday homes company and so the economy has hit us quite badly every other member of the company is long serving so I know it will be me that gets the boot.

    We are due to get married in October so have all the financial stress as well as wedding planning stress going on too which has time draws closer is driving me more mad by the day. I like your idea about the jar think I will use that as there are loads of things in this house that I could be doing!!!!

    I need to get my backside into gear just finding it difficult at the moment will get there eventually I suppose xx
  5. Funky_Munky

    Funky_Munky Put the kettle on

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    Hi hun sorry to hear youre not doing so good. I know how you feel about the wddding stress. We got married a couple of years ago and in someways it was the best and worst time of my life cos it was sooooo stressful. I dont think people fully appreciate it until they go through it themselves! Just try not to worry about things too much and try to have at least one night a week with your other half where the wedding doesnt get mentioned and you just relax with each other.

    As for work, dont asume you will be the one to go. You dont know everyone elses circumstances, others may be willing to leave for various reasons. Or it could be the perfect time for your bosses to make some much needed changes.Just get your head down and be the best you can be at your job. Rise above all the negativity and in fighting. Prove to your bosses why youre the person worth saving.

    Tbh it sounds like youre letting everything else going on right now impact on your diet/weight. I think the best thing to do is when you find yourself reaching for something is stop and ask yourself how will this help you with whats wrong. Eating biccies wont save your job or make the wedding any easier. It sounds so silly but its true!! Hope youre feeling better soon x
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