Why do I want so much chocolate?!


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Sometimes it's one of those you want what you think you can't have. You can still have a really decent amount of chocolate each day if you prioritise your synage! Iv been eating twirls - single fingers are only 6 syns and feel really indulgent


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i'm having a sweet craving at the moment. can't seem to satisfy it with jelly and strawberry cables, so tomorrow will try and use syns for at least one twix finger!


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If someone put one of those gigantic xmas sized dairy milk bars infront of me I'm not convinced I could stop myself from scoffing the lot!! Massive chocolate cravings this eve!


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what about the chocolate cake on slimmingeats.com its 9 syns i think for the whole cake, and my guess is if you eat a whole cake it should stop the craving. Well at least for an hour or so. lol.:rolleyes: x x


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I've also had one of those days today (can't seem to stop craving/eating chocolate)

Lets hope this craving goes away soon, as im not so strong to say NO.:sigh:


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Don't know where I'd be without my Alpen Lights really as they seem to satisfy my sweet cravings (the choc/orange ones). Bought 2 crates today so I can take them on holiday with me as well!
Also why don't you try the minimilks that someone suggested on here, which should do the trick?


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i find fruit is ur best bet. Anything with sugar like orange will give u a hit!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Sugar cravings are caused by a sharp drop in the body’s blood sugar levels.

When the dip occurs, your body’s instant message to the brain is to call for “fuel” and this translates to you as a craving for sugar. The cycle then continues.

How to break the cycle

The only way to break the cycle is to spread out your sugar intake throughout the day. Try and eat complex carbohydrates rather than simple refined sugars (eg chocolate). These carbohydrates give you the same sweetness but take longer to breakdown and therefore send your body a gradual supply of sugar rather than one big sugar dump. The effect of these slow release carbs is to keep you going between meals and keep your blood sugar levels constant.

...then no more cravings ;)


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oooh ok I must have had a low carb day without really realising! It only lasted that day, ive been fine since!...It may have been something to do with the giant lindt chocolate santa that appeared in my fridge to...x


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hey i got a craving for more chocolate on this diet but i do eat a lot of potato and rice and pasta but i do uwsually get a good kick out of lots and lots of grapes xx eat them really cold.. helps