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Why has my weight loss stalled??

Can anyone help me. I am in week 4 of SS and have stuck rigidly to it but have only lost 2 1/2 lbs in last 2 weeks, first week I lost 9 1/2 lbs then 2 1/2 1bs and nothing since! :cry: This happened to me the first time I did Cambridge (2 years since) but I gave up as I lost heart. I really don't want to stop now but if nothing moves I don't see the point. I thought it might be the water as I was drinking between 2 -3 liters so have upped that to about 5 liters but still nothing happening. Has this happened to anyone else or am I unique? I am 6ft tall so have 4 drinks a day. Anyone with any advice :wave_cry:
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I didnt lose anything last week at all. I was so disappoited but the scales are starting to move again this week. sometimes you might be losing inches instead of fat, have you mesured yourself before you started? Sorry im not much use to you im sure someone with more experience will be along in a wee while :) dont get down this diet does work you will have a good loss next week :) keep up the good work, im drinking 4l a day now
Are your clothes looser? Are you constipated?

Thing is you cannot fail to lose weight if you stick to the program. If you look at my sig in my second week I only lost 3lbs only to lose 11 the next!

Who knows why?

Try to average it over a month - apparently you will lose a stone a month at least on it. Does it matter if that stone comes off at 1lb 1 week, 10lbs the next and 2 the week after? It is still a stone!

Stick with it hun!
Thanks for your help, I will stick with it a few more weeks to see what happens. I am constipated and have tried allsorts but nothing seems to work :eek:, my friend told me to buy Senna max and even double dose didn't do anything so am trying them again tonight. My clothes are slightly looser and I know I should be patient so will keep going :)


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I was just about to say to look at your losses over a month and not week on week, I didn't lose one week and just wanted to go out and eat everything in sight, but it catches up with you.. (especially if you are constipated) make sure you drink lots of water...

Keep up the good work, it will reward!!



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Get the tape measure out, sometimes you have lost inches rather than pounds.

Stick at it, there is no way if you are following the plan 100%, the weight must come off.

Wait and see what happens next week, you probably be really pleased and have a decent loss. :D

Keep drinking and keep posting.


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Yep, definitely measure yourself.

Just a thought though, are you drinking coke zero or anything similar? Also, some people find the bars cause them to have a smaller loss. Could that be possible for you?

I am 5 foot 10 and I had 2 weeks where I lost nothing then 9lbs the third week. It is working even if the scales are playing tricks on you. Don't let slow weight loss mess with your mind....you are burning fat and getting slimmer!
That happened to my sister when she was doing CD - stayed the same for 2 weeks - then her hubbie caught her in the fridge in the middle of the night- she was sleepwalking and eating in her sleep! Stopped after that though. Just a funny "blip"!
I'm sure you'll lose next week so dont give up.
Thanks all for your replys, I will keep you posted. I have been drinking coke zero but only a glass maybe every other day and I only eat the bars in desperation (ie out shopping or running kids around and don't have time to have a shake). :)
Constipation? If you have stuck 100%, the weight will come off.

Stick at it Deborah.


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i didn't lose one week and then lost 7 the next. it was the weeks i didnt lose that people were saying they could tell i was losing weight!
sometimes the scales can make us disheartened i think. i go off how loose my uniform is when the scales are not being my friend.
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Hi Deborah

Try to get that constipation sorted before it gets any worse, I found Senna didn't work for me you could try adding psyllium husks to your soups or Fibre 89 from your CDC. Alternatively Dulcolax worked for me but only take one and two can give you tummy cramps.

Thanks again to you all. Feel much better today, senna has worked its magic, feel lighter and put my jeans on tonight to take daughter to cinema and they are feeling 'baggy'. I am also pleased with myself as I always have goodies when I go to cinema but took cambridge bar with me and a bottle of water :)
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Yes, well done for sticking with it, proving that, looser clothes mean we are losing even if the scales say we are not!!

I must add that when I have done low carb diets in the past, zero weight loss was only considered as a stall if you didn't lose anything for 4 weeks. I think this is because on these types of diets, you may get a massive loss one week and nothing the next....but then another loss the next week. Sometimes your body just needs to adjust and catch up. I think, as someone has already pointed out, its best to average your losses out over the month.


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