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why is it sooo slow

right guys im seriously fed up.

2lbs last week, 2lbs this week!!

even one of the girls asked me after class if i was sticking to it?? i was shocked she asked? my fat percentage has dropped bt im not doing any excersize so it cant be muscle??

im wondering is it worth 70 per week when i could really do atkins again with lower cals and actually be eating?

i love my councellor but how long should i persevere? she asked are you due your totm? NO are you drinking enough water? YES mmmmm i dont know then... well see where your at next week.

i want to know now!

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I feel your pain :( this is my third week of losing 2lb and I'm soooooooo fed up - again I'm sticking to it 100% and doing a reasonable amount of exercise - I really should be losing double that amount each week - gggrrrrr!

Trying not to get disheartened and think about what I have achieved so far but again like you I'm thinking I could lose 2lb on Slimming World (indeed I have done in the past) and been happily eating and drinking/socialising with friends - the whole point of doing LL was for the fast loss which I'm just not getting :(

Really don't know how to advise you - as I'm in the same boat - but I will stick it out for the 100 days in the hope that I will suddenly have huge losses near the end - fingers crossed!


...we're sinking deeper.
My dear, you can't hurry these things. And the last pushes are always the hardest. And seriously. "ONLY" 2lbs? Are you kidding?
Sorry, I'm gonna go off on a rant here, but when I was doing LL AND LLLite I was LUCKY to have 2lb loss per week! It was usually either 1lb or 0.5lb! EVERY WEEK.
At 10st it just stuck, and would not budge for FOUR CONSECUTIVE WEEKS. I kept going though...and going some more. I was obviously hitting a body preventative barrier or something - once I got past that hurdle it actually started coming off again, though as always - slowly.

Plus you're not going to get any better results if you switch diets. There is no quicker way of doing it - though maybe less stressful and a little slower. You have to remember that at lower weights your metabolism actually slows down and your body literally needs less calories to function (i.e. it doesn't take as much energy to move a lighter body).

Patience. Good things come to those who wait.

Plus - Atkins? Meat is pretty expensive too! :p


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And I'd just like to add - that when I'm at 10stone I will NOT be moaning about 'only' a 2lb loss - I'd be grateful - just noticed you've only a stone to lose - not surprised your weight loss has slowed down - you're practically at target Carrie!!!
hi there
my losses were quite 'low' compared to the rest of my group.
however, on all the other diets ive tried i never consistantly lost 2llbs a week....
maybe lost 3lbs one - then celebrated that but put on 2 the next week, then lost half, then put on 2, then sts, then lost 3 then put on 3 etc etc etc

with LL it was always in the right direction (sts once i think)

Even at 'only' 2lb a week the weight is coming off .....well worth the wait!

Stick at it hun!

Daisy x
thanks for all your words of encouragement, was feeling so down last night. i phoned my partner when i got out the meeting and told him id had enough and wanted a chinese....
he made me a mousse instead with my vanilla shake and i actually started crying!! firstly because he hadnt let me give up because he said he knew i wouldve felt 100x worse secondly because he had made my mousse so i could eat it as soon as i was in. he had my pjs out and my slippers and had got everything ready for me to come in and do nothing.
im sorry to grumble when i did ll before i DID have weeks when i lost hardly anything and 1 week i actually gained 0.2lb!!
it just took me so long to get back in the zone i feel i need 1 week of a descent loss to justify my reasons for doing it this way... silly i know.
im still 100% determined and between my oh being so supportive and you guys on here, i know i cant fail.
thanks again xx


...we're sinking deeper.
Carrie, we all have those days. :) Your partner sounds like mine - who knews EXACTLY what you'll need in the long-term, because you're right - if you'd have had food, you'd have regretted it so much. 2lb loss is a substantial amount.

However, because I had such 'disappointing' weeks ALL the time, I learned something about myself. That disappointment made me want to binge, and throw it away, EVERY TIME. I forgot to see the bigger picture - and it's that the general trend is going in the right direction. Weight loss cannot happen as quickly as we'd like it to. So I had to learn to calm down. Displace that discomfort with a positive stroke - saying, "Well done! You've done well this week, maybe next week you can do better!" So then it becomes a little competition with yourself. Learning that technique REALLY has helped me deal with bad weight days, or even rough days with work and life.

When the going gets tough - I get tougher. I need to win.

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Minerva, that sounds like a really good way to deal with the disappointment, in abstinence and beyond. That feeling of let-down has always been a massive trigger to me, so I'm glad of any tools I'll be able to use during and after RTM :)


...we're sinking deeper.
I'm glad it's useful Lucy :) It takes a while to develop a positive attitude like that - but if you practice, the feeling of disappointment will last less and less. Down from the whole day ruined, to maybe about 5-10 minutes. It's NATURAL to be disappointed. But to dwell on it is not healthy. It can ruin EVERYTHING very, very quickly!

yeah the rate of loss for me has what has really thrown me off the last few weeks.

I am hoping for a biggish loss this week. Something in the 4s/5s.

we'll wait and see though.

I think we have to look at the bigger picture. The losses achievable with LL can not be done in the same time on conventional diets. however we get spoilt from the begining and I think that Needs to be overcome through thinking about bigger pictures.

The other worrying thing for me however is that you keep telling yourself that £70 for 1-2lb, whats the point I may as do WW or SW pay less, eat and still trickle the losses….however I am trying to say that I have spent a grand to loose 25% of my body weight. Liposuction couldn’t have even done that for me.

Im glad im not the only one who struggles when losses are small, but I guess im just too greedy for everything.
All really good advice above.

I think sometimes people have unrealistic expectations of LL, because the first two weeks set you up with such enthusiasm - I mean, by week 2 most people have lost a stone, or near as - and the excitement is such a rush, we think BINGO! Will be done in a few weeks at this rate!! :)

But, always look at your average losses - not your week by week. About 90% of us have an average weekly loss of 4 pounds when we hit goal. No other diet will give you those results - only a VLCD will.

The less one has to lose, the smaller the weekly losses will be. Its just physiological. But as Min said, this will be far quicker then diet hopping.

For one, if one swaps to another diet - all the glycogen will come back on. There could likely be a instant gain of about 7 or 8 pounds. Unless they managed a diet where they stay in ketosisi, but that is quite challenging to do.

This diet takes determination, and more importanly patience. At the end your average losses will be astounding.

Think of how long you have been overweight. How many months we have been fat. And compare that to a few months of LL. It really is a blink of an eye. I think when I hit goal after losing 10 stone I worked out that I spent a mere 3% of time on the diet compared to 97% of time lugging around 140 extra pounds. A very very small commitment.

It may not seem like it now ladies, but at the end when you look back you will not believe how fast it has gone.

Carrie, you have a cracking partner - what he did shows how much he cares for you and is behind you. That is beautiful.

So chin up girls - ANY loss is a good loss. Of course, 4 or 5 pounds is a joy - but all those 2 pound losses very quickly add up to stones....and before you know it, you are slim, healthy, beautiful and above all - HAPPY!!!.

So - nose down, focus on, and just power through to the end.

You CAN do it!!! ROCK this diet!!! :)

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Inspiring words as always BL and Min sometimes I think you can see right through me! Spooky!

The urge to 'treat myself' with a takeaway when feeling low or have suffered disappointment is overwhelming at times and it takes all my determination not to come off plan and stick with it - I'm trying to re-focus my attention on my total loss rather than be distracted by those 'small' 2lb losses - but its so hard sometimes!

Carrie you are very lucky to have such a lovely OH - if only I could train my cat to do that for me :D


...we're sinking deeper.
The urge to 'treat myself' with a takeaway when feeling low or have suffered disappointment is overwhelming at times and it takes all my determination not to come off plan and stick with it - I'm trying to re-focus my attention on my total loss rather than be distracted by those 'small' 2lb losses - but its so hard sometimes
Treat yourself! Go nuts! But not with food.

Why is food even considered a "reward"? I really try to move away from "food=celebration/comfort" rhetoric. It's a hard cycle to break because it's so deeply engrained in society and even nurture from a very young age.
I do try to change 'traditions' every once in a while. Sometimes I celebrate achievements by doing something fun! For my birthday last year I went to the V&A Museum! It was great. :) More enjoyable and stimulating than a meal - which essentially is, gathering, having some polite talk about nothing that matters, listening to each other chew, and then buggering off home. How YAWN! Boring. V&A - I talked to my partner about stuff and we discovered new things about each other. :) Though don't get me wrong, sometimes it IS nice to just sit and enjoy some lavishly beautiful meal. Then it's nice to discover something unique too, like a different cuisine or some such! (Look up 'Dans le Noir' - restaurant for example).

Treat yourself with a bath or a really long shower... When I'm feeling really rotten I stand under a hot shower, close my eyes and just listen to the deafing noise of the water for a good long few minutes. As it runs down me, I let go of my pain and anguish. The world can't see me because I can't see it... I then emerge, reborn. Strangely... it works. ... Find that something that does it for you. Regress into a special place even for a minute.


...we're sinking deeper.
OH, I forgot to add in my frustration - I wish I could give BL Rep for the above post - it's full of brilliant observations! But the thingy says I can't... :( So listen to the wise lady! She knows her stuff! :D
There are some wise words on this thread. I also agree with Flexi about the cost. It seems expensive week by week, but compare it with bariatric surgery - the results are cheaper, more dramatic and non-invasive - result.
What's more - you know you did it yourself. You are the one in control. it's a great feeling.

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