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Why is losing weight so hard?


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I am 22 and have been struggling with my weight for nearly 10 years now. Every year I just get fatter and fatter.

I caught a glimpse of my naked figure the other day and was honestly truely repulsed and yet, what did I eat last night...doritos, cola and toffees. Err love, what the hell are you playing at?!

I think I am a classical yo-yo dieter, I do well for 6 months - losing in the region of a 1.5 stones before I get bored and pile it all back on.

I am, at the moment approximately 14stones13lb - I was 16 stones 4lb in January of this year so I've done okay but it's not good enough.

I've done everything...SW, slimfast/ultraslim/herbalife and WW - I've had the most success with WW but even that gets boring.

When I'm sat here reading about people who have gone from being a size 20 to a size 10 in less than a year on LighterLife or having weightloss surgery.

The temptation to go and sink myself into debt and get a gastric balloon and watch the weight fall off is so high cos I am clearly shocking at losing weight the healthy way.

I am just destined to be obese for the rest of my life. Fat and frumpy forever.

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Dont be daft, I know the feeling when you see everyones success stories. You can do it everyone gets to the point in there life when enough is enough. You know deep down you can do it cause you have stuck to diets before, have you tried buddying up with someone? Or everytime you want to go off track get your self on here have a good moan & rant about everything and then before you know it you will be in the kitchen having the healthy meal you really wanted and staying on track.

I did the same thing at the start of the year i was doing really well lost almost 2stone on WWPP and then decided i couldnt be bothered anymore, went back to my old ways and put it all back on plus abit more, now im back here starting all over again and i think to myself why was you so stupid you could have been at goal by now, just think when you do reach your goal even if its in 6/10months time you would of managed it all the healthy way and find it ALOT easier to stay on track forever so you will be happy forever.

Sorry this is so long i dont like the idea of people going off track or getting them selfs into debt when you CAN & WILL do it :D

Chin up & stay strong



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oh curvy lass i know how you feel, its a utter whore isnt it trying to lose the bloody weight but dont think about surgery, thats too drastic and look how good you've done so far. ive just joined this today and i hope this will help me get motivated or hope i can help someone with their loss as well. ive been a yo yo dieter for years, im 35 now and have lost stones and put them on, in the last year i put on the 3 stone i had lost 3 years ago so im pissed off about that but hope to start getting rid of it again. i joined weight watchers again, so il be weighin in on wed so will put my stats up then and hope to see them reduce each week. so i will be asking you for advice as you have made a great start, keep up the good work,


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Hi Curvy lass don't feel low you have done really well so far and dont think of surgery that is far too drastic, I know how you feel and there are times when I feel really low and hate what I see in the mirror. My weight has gone up and down since my teens, lost 3 stone with SW stopped going and managed to put 2 back on so I joined WW online hoping to lose it yet again! Just remember any loss is a step in the right direction to your goal so keep smiling we are all here for you. x


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Just as an FYI, you know that weightloss surgery is only a success if you want it to be...If you don't have the motivation its a huge risk not even worth your consideration. Apparently one can cheat a bypass with certain high calorie foods.. The hunger and the emotional eating will never go away..

Maybe you should try trying different food you've never tried before? Change up your daily menu as much as you can. Try gym classes or different types of exercise. I find keeping everything as fresh and new as possible is the best way to keep motivated.

If you have a bad day it is NOT the end of the world! Just get back on plan! Keep at it. And stick around, whatever plan you do... theres lots of support to be had here at mini's and it keeps a lot of us on track :)


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*hugs* curvy lass - I think we've all been in that boat (and a lot of us are still in it!) It's difficult because we're not used to it -cutting back, not eating what we want in the quantities we'd like, and being concious of food nearly all the time! But you don't have to tackle your weight loss in one big go... give it a few lbs at a time and it'll melt away :)

Don't stress yourself out on a daily basis, eat the food you enjoy! WW can get a bit drab, point after point after freakin' point... so if you get bored, take a little break! Or shake up your meals, try something new every day. A new fruit, a different veg, or cooking a basic food in a different way.

I know it's not massively useful advice, but I certainly know where you're coming from! WW is the only plan that worked for me, I took a long break and am back to finish what I started, but that's what I needed! I find that everyone on these boards are my lifeline, just when I want to quit they give some good advice and it spurs me on.

Hope that helps a little.. :) x


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I've decided to come back to the WW ProPoints plan so I'm gonna need your help guys - I can't do this on my own no matter how hard I try lol! :D


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That is great news Curvy lass, let us know how you get on. If you start feeling low come and have a rant on here, you don't have to do it alone we are all here for you. Positive thoughts x x


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I've decided to come back to the WW ProPoints plan so I'm gonna need your help guys - I can't do this on my own no matter how hard I try lol! :D

im exactly the same way so il be checking in with you for help too;)

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