why lipotrim??


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Hello guy's,
just sitting here thinking...when i'm not on lipotrim i try to follow slimming world cos i do love the choice...but dam the weight loss is so slow!
I'm really hoping to lose at least 2 of the six stones i want to lose with lipotrim to get me started and to feel such a difference to keep me going and then maybe i will return to slimming world for the rest?! Must admit the hairloss freaks me out (lost quite a bit after 3 weeks on tfr last time). I've just been on the slimming world website and reading the fab success stories but honestly i would just be so depressed if i thought i would have to wait a whole 2 months to get a stone off!!
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im pretty much the same, and along with alot of people on here this is a last resort, for most people this isnt their first attempt trying to lose weight and most people including myself have gone way beyond being fed up of losing 2lb one week and putting on a pound the next. this is extreme but it works,and i will get to goal because frankly i dont have a choice if i dont do this i dont know what il do!...best and most extreme diet around me thinks!! :) x
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I think when you start any TFR diet it can feel almost overwhelming at times when you look at the journey ahead of you.

The best thing to do is just focus on today and ENJOY today! :) Dont look upon this as a punishment, look at it as an opportunity to get slim and healthy and improve your life and general well being.

There is a wee saying I like...

"if you change the way you look at things, things change the way they look"

You will be grand, just look at that by spring you will be much slimmer and much happier in your self. Imagine going shopping in april / may time for summer clothes being 4, 5, maybe even 6 or more dress sizes smaller!!

In the span of your life, it is such a short time, and remember the time is going to pass anyway. xox



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I did SW for a month last year and lost 1 stone and was really pleased but i put it back on and a bit more :(.

My OH brought the LT leaflet home from the chemist and i googled it and found minimins and after reading the stories and seeing sarah lou's and summergurls pics i'm so glad i started LT.

Its taken me 7 weeks to lose 3 stone(well nearly just need another 1lb lol) So im only gonna be doing it for 3 more months to get to 13 stone 6lbs(the weight i was when i got pregnant with my dd who is now 4) then im going to join SW and lose another 1-2 stone and dont mind how logg that takes.

I bloody love LT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

irish molly

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Why Lipotrim???? I guess because it gives a quick result. I have done WW, atkins before with limited success. Sensible eating is of course the right way to lose weight but when you have a lot to lose, it makes it all seem too daunting. LT or any TFR diet offers the chance to lose weight quickly.
The hair loss thing really freaks me out too. Everyone on here says that that is a temporary thing and that the hair will grow back. For me, I have to ask the question, do I want to get to a healthier weight or do I want a full head of hair? I agree with you about using it to lose the first couple of stones and then switching to a less harsh diet.


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TFR is an absolute Godsend for me.
I'm impatient when it comes to dieting and if i can't see something working i'll give up. also i really love cooking and eating. so much that i just eat too, too much, i was talking to Rainbow Brite earlier and realised that if i only ever ate when i was actually hungry i'd not be the size i am now because i'd rarely remember to have meals - at weekends (before TFR) it could be the evening before i'd realise that i hadn't had anything to eat.
So TFR is definitely the only way for me to lose the weight i need to. if i'm allowed to eat real food (i.e. Slimfast, SW, WW) i'll always give myself extra, which would make weight loss (if any) even slower so i'd not see the results etc.


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I agree with scary cat lady. I know I'm only on day two but I've tried loads of other diets and I would always cheat by having just a little extra. I'm just totally addicted to food. I think this is the only way for me to not actually think about it lol.:)


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Hi. Thefurureisbright's post above is fantastic!
I chose LT because of my food addictions. It's easy to say it flippantly but I think food addiction is just as hard to deal with as addictions for tobacco, alcohol or drugs. The only problem is that we have to face the thing we're addicted to at the end of our "treatment".
I lost 5 stones on Atkins a few years ago, most of which went back on when I went on to the more lenient stages. It didn't re-educate me onportion control, or teach me the difference between hunger and wanting to eat. I am really hoping that this food-holiday I've been on for 4 months (and another two or so weeks before refeed) will have helped re-educate my brain.
I have tried WW before too, but I don't like the way they say some foods are OK as long as you count them. I'm not good at counting, and I found that once eaten it was quickly forgotten (until I got on the scales). Anyway, losing 1 or 2 lbs a week was like throwing a deckchair off the Titanic at the size I was.

Anyhow, lots of luck.

I too am finding it much easier to go 'cold turkey ' with the food .. LT is an amazing way to loose the weight , but i believe the hard work comes when you finish and have to eat again .. I am dreading it in some ways because it will mean I have to think about food everyday .. whereas now I dont .. its so simple .. 3 shakes , no choice no decisions , no cheating :) I hope to join SW or WW when I finish so I continiue to monitor my weight and ensure I dont get back into old habits ... I have NEVER been slim ( was a size 16 at about 13 )... so when I get where I want to be .. I will be a whole new person .. scarey and strange but I think I will be very happy ( although I am aware that being slim does not solve all problems !!)
I am now getting to the stage where I am slimmer than I have been since I was a teenager and its weird ... but we can do this people .. and do it well :)


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The same story can be told be me.

Food is one of those annoying things that you actually need to live whereas with heroin etc you don't come off it for 6 months then HAVE to start taking it in smaller amounts....

i do agree that food can be an addiction and as a person who loves almost all types of food and cooking is a like a hobby too it is dificult to conquer these demons, but we all have to be strong and brave and turn the demons into angels whilst learning to love food and not hate it!!!!

eating and preparing the correct foods is the most important thing for a successful diet, i have no kids as there is just me and my GF at home but we are so supportive of each other and sure a treat now and again is allowed just not to excess

remember that food is our fuel and without it the body can't work properly similarly a car runs on petrol at say 95RON, if you give it rocket fuel its just gonna be too rich and not burn it thus NOT WORK!!!

that's my twopenneth...

Jay ;)