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Why oh why...


One day at a time!
Have you been drinking all your water? Eaten anything you oughtn't have? Probably just one of those "bad body" days we all get from time to time, LOL. Just look at your pics and it will remind you of how far you've come and how fantastically you have done!


is a naughty girl...
I did that yesterday, I put on jeans that fit me and a lovely new top (I am the lightest i have been in two years) looked in the mirror and thought to myself

'OMG you are so fat you can't go out'

what is wrong with us?!


Serial Dieter!
tbh, I never leave the house without the support of my harvest festival knickers!!! (Everything safely gathered in!)

The go from thigh to bra... no bulges, everything is smooth and cellulite free! They're not sex kitten wear, from the inside view, but they certainly portray a sexy hourglass figure on the outside.

I know how you feel about bloaty days though..... Mine usually have no connection to the number on the scale either...

Well Done on your 4lb loss though!!! That's fab.... What does Mrs L think of the new sexy you!?? I read in a Mens' mag that your willy can 'grow' up to 1.5" when you lose weight.... is it true!???;):p


Serial Dieter!
Lol! See, now you don't feel so fat do ya!!! :D;)


WILL be Slim!
Lol I was going to post about that but thought it was TMI... I think the reduction of fat over the pubic area makes it look larger as less of the base is covered up by fat.

Definite bonus of weight loss... :D
just told my hubby this and told him to get slimming!!!! lol!!! that went down well! ha ha ha! :p;)

Jim, we all have fat days mate, even when so close to goal....it think even skinny people have fat days....it sucks, but its just our minds playing tricks on us all!
Need to get me some granny pants, i'm a skimpy/no knickers gal! lol


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi Jim - i'm havin a fatter than before I started day too! Heaven knows why, I'm wearing trousers that laughed at me 3 weeks ago. Love the hidden benefits thread going on here .... the name of a male slimming club must be lurking somewhere!!!!

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