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G: 12st7lb
Why do we do the most hurtfull things to our bodys that we regret
right im here to confess i have been off the waggon for a few weeks i havn't put weight on god knows why ..
guess iv'e been lucky but i do feel fatter
clothes still fit better and i have lost quite a bit
my bf who was so suportive is now shaking his head at me eating saying i knew your fail not actually saying it but little remarks you know looks ect
anyway i have been on holiday i have been ill and i have been lazy
id love to say tomorrow im on 3 shakes again but im not quite there again in my head
today i felt fat as fat as i was befor i know im not but will i ever get to my goal
well its my birthday on the 4th of december and i will suceed i will start shakes again i will get there
i still look in i havnt posted i feel ashamed to say anything when i know ive eaten and your all struggling so anyway
1 day at a time ill get back into the swing of it

debz x
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Oh hun i was wondering where you have gotten too. Just come back wen your ready as you know the psychological bit is very important so no point coming back if you dont feel 100% committed. Its great news dat your clothes still fit and you prob feel fat coz you have been eating alot of people struggle goin back to food and feel very bloated.

just come back on tfr wen your ready and we will welcome you back with open arms. xxx
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Aw, I'm sorry to hear that! I think knowing how we're treating ourselves/eating makes a big difference to how big we feel! I know that a week or so into a healthy eating regime, even if I've only lost 1lb, I'll feel much lighter because I know I'm being positive & vice versa.

We do some awful things to ourselves! Putting all this weight on is, in my opinion, a form of self-harm. I know that's not a nice phrase, but, I've given it a lot of thought & I do think that I often ate because I felt guilty/not good enough & would use the food to attack myself for it.

Your birthday is a great motivation to get back on track. Could you maybe try low carb in the meantime to prepare yourself & keep your weight in check? That way your move to ketosis when you do get on the shakes would be much easier? Or maybe try something else, just to make sure you don't do your current loss any damage? & remember, LT isn't for everyone - you're not a failure if you're one of those people!

Good luck :)



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Well I am there too hun. I need to start back to shift another 30lbs and it is hard. With me it is mainly because I have reached my main goal, the reason for doing this but I need to carry on.

I am starting tomorrow (saturday), if you want to join me it will be good motivation for us both.

I think your bf is not saying anything, I think you are feeling those things about yourself that is why you think he sees you like that.

Send me a PM to let me know if you are going to start with me too :)
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Hey hun

Awwww so so sorry you're feeling so distressed. Firstly, DON'T feel ashamed to come on here- that's what we're here for. No-one is going to judge you or think you're a failure because we're all going through the same thing. I think you've done really well and you WILL get back on it, but like you say, you need to have your head in the right place. I'm sure your BF is more disappointed FOR you than IN you. He prob realises you're feeling crap about falling off the wagon.

Just take one day at a time- but you have been sticking at it and CAN do again.

You're stronger than you know.

Big hugs