wi tonight nervous!


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:fingerscrossed: good luck for tonight! Let us know how you get on x


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I have weigh in after two weeks on plan, didn't lose that much on my first weigh in so hopefully I will have a better loss tonight. My weigh in is at 7, when is yours? x


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It's my first WI after a week too!!! Fingers crossed for us both!


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I had my first WI last week and felt exactly the same!! And funnily enough I feel the same way tonight too! I think its because SW is so different to most diet plans out there, I find it hard to believe that I can eat everything that I am and still loose weight!!

Good luck for tonight!

maxine uk

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all im going to add is look at my stats :)
im still nervous every week, so if you have been 100% on plan you will get good results on the odd occassions you dont then dont dispare just have a 100% the next week
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Good luck! I have my first weigh in too :) Fingers crossed for a good loss but if I dont get the loss I'm after I know it will show itself next week!


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As Maxine says, you never lose that nervous feeling and expect those scales to betray you.

Don't get me wrong I REALLY look forward to losing weight, but stepping onto them scales at times feels like jumping out of a plane!

For the record, I'm no para!