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Wii Active 30 Day challenge

I started my 30 day challenge last night.

Workout: Low intensity

Calories spent: 136.5

I was awarded 2 trophies - one for burning 100 calories and the other for completing the workout.

If anyone else would like to join in, please do. The more, the merrier.

Jenni :bliss:
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Hi Jenni,

I haven't had chance to pick one up yet, but I will make the effort and get started asap :)

Karen X
Hi all! I started this on friday, have done 5 workouts so far, all on easy, am going to bump it up 2moro on medium intensity so wish me luck!!! It'll probably cripple me tho lol!
Day 2 - fell asleep :4633:
Day 3 - rest day
Day 4 - Calories spent 120

No new trophies as I didn't complete all the exercises. I couldn't do the lunges as I have a dodgy right knee. :cry:


Good work! Keep it up!
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lol, thanks mixedspice, you too!

:) x
Day 5 - went out after work

Day 6 - completed 2 workouts to compensate for missing yesterdays.

Calories spent: 211.7

Awarded another trophy for completing an hour's exercise.


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Day 1

Hello everyone,

I finally picked up my wii active and did the 1st workout this morning, it neally killed me :eek:

Workout: Low intensity

Time: 17.14 minutes

Calories: 163.6

I also got awarded the same 2 trophies as Jenni for burning 100 calories and finishing the workout :)

Karen X
Well i do have a wii but personally i haven't bought any of the fitness games. However i bought Grand Slam Tennis which was bundled with wii motion plus (an extension to the wii remote that adds alot more precision to motions) and that game has a calorie counter.

One day i got really into it and burnt like 600 calories.
Hi All

I haven't done the challenge for almost two weeks now. I spent last week at my parents (left the Wii at home) and this week is my TOTM.

Hopefully, I'll be able to start exercising again on Sunday.

I hope everyone else has been doing their exercises!

LOL Jenni, I just noticed your pole dancer. :)

I would love to pole dance.

I tormented the firemen in the local fire station near to my workplace, and they said that I could come and swing around their pole anytime I wanted to. Needless to say, I haven't taken them up on their offer. I'm a coward! :D

not been in minimins in quite a bit but, i just started the 30 day challenege 3 days ago, today is my fourth day.

I managed my first work out with medium intensity, second on high. So yesterday was a rest day and today i will be doing high intensity again.

Got to say you get very good leg muscles on this thing...soo many lunges. I have done the dance on it and made a work out of just those and did it the other day. It was good becuase i found that you dont have to move legs much, which after the actualy work out is a blessing!!

I have gained weight since my last time of being on here. I am aiming to first get below 13stone again and then for my graduation i want to be bellow 11 stone. So i have about 6 months (and 30,000 words in assignments the write)


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