Wii Active 30 Day challenge

Discussion in 'Low Carb Diets' started by Mixedspice69, 16 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Mixedspice69

    Mixedspice69 Full Member

    I started my 30 day challenge last night.

    Workout: Low intensity

    Calories spent: 136.5

    I was awarded 2 trophies - one for burning 100 calories and the other for completing the workout.

    If anyone else would like to join in, please do. The more, the merrier.

    Jenni :bliss:
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  3. kj2s

    kj2s Full Member

    Hi Jenni,

    I haven't had chance to pick one up yet, but I will make the effort and get started asap :)

    Karen X
  4. karmawitch

    karmawitch Full Member

    Hi Jenni, I've been bad with the flu for the past 10 day and have no energy at all, but am hoping to get started tomorrow !!

    Will then post daily
  5. shello86

    shello86 Member

    Hi all! I started this on friday, have done 5 workouts so far, all on easy, am going to bump it up 2moro on medium intensity so wish me luck!!! It'll probably cripple me tho lol!
  6. Mixedspice69

    Mixedspice69 Full Member

    Day 2 - fell asleep :4633:
    Day 3 - rest day
    Day 4 - Calories spent 120

    No new trophies as I didn't complete all the exercises. I couldn't do the lunges as I have a dodgy right knee. :cry:


    Good work! Keep it up!
    Last edited: 5 July 2009
  7. shello86

    shello86 Member

    lol, thanks mixedspice, you too!

    :) x
  8. Mixedspice69

    Mixedspice69 Full Member

    Day 5 - went out after work

    Day 6 - completed 2 workouts to compensate for missing yesterdays.

    Calories spent: 211.7

    Awarded another trophy for completing an hour's exercise.
  9. kj2s

    kj2s Full Member

    Day 1

    Hello everyone,

    I finally picked up my wii active and did the 1st workout this morning, it neally killed me :eek:

    Workout: Low intensity

    Time: 17.14 minutes

    Calories: 163.6

    I also got awarded the same 2 trophies as Jenni for burning 100 calories and finishing the workout :)

    Karen X
  10. Tranquilize

    Tranquilize Member

    Well i do have a wii but personally i haven't bought any of the fitness games. However i bought Grand Slam Tennis which was bundled with wii motion plus (an extension to the wii remote that adds alot more precision to motions) and that game has a calorie counter.

    One day i got really into it and burnt like 600 calories.
  11. Mixedspice69

    Mixedspice69 Full Member

    Hi All

    I haven't done the challenge for almost two weeks now. I spent last week at my parents (left the Wii at home) and this week is my TOTM.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to start exercising again on Sunday.

    I hope everyone else has been doing their exercises!

  12. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    LOL Jenni, I just noticed your pole dancer. :)
  13. Mixedspice69

    Mixedspice69 Full Member


    I would love to pole dance.

    I tormented the firemen in the local fire station near to my workplace, and they said that I could come and swing around their pole anytime I wanted to. Needless to say, I haven't taken them up on their offer. I'm a coward! :D

  14. JuBean

    JuBean Full Member

    not been in minimins in quite a bit but, i just started the 30 day challenege 3 days ago, today is my fourth day.

    I managed my first work out with medium intensity, second on high. So yesterday was a rest day and today i will be doing high intensity again.

    Got to say you get very good leg muscles on this thing...soo many lunges. I have done the dance on it and made a work out of just those and did it the other day. It was good becuase i found that you dont have to move legs much, which after the actualy work out is a blessing!!

    I have gained weight since my last time of being on here. I am aiming to first get below 13stone again and then for my graduation i want to be bellow 11 stone. So i have about 6 months (and 30,000 words in assignments the write)

  15. girlygirl1

    girlygirl1 Banned

    Hi there!

    Good luck with your 30-day challenge.
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