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Wii Fit

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by PinkToaster, 4 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. PinkToaster

    PinkToaster Silver Member

    Anyone who uses Wii Fit:

    Do you do the body test everytime you go on and find out your weight, or do you just do the exercises and save it for WI day?
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  3. Brightonrosie

    Brightonrosie I want to be fitter again

    I'm a glutton or an obsessive with weight so I do it every time but the only one I take real notice of is my Sunday morning body test. xx
  4. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    I usually do my Wii fit from around 23.00 in the evening, and when I do it then I always do the body test to see how much lighter I am than the previous time.

    But if I ever do it in the morning or middle of the day I don't do it as I try to keep the conditions uniform for accuracy reasons
  5. Harry'sMom07

    Harry'sMom07 Silver Member

    I do the body test each time, but don't know why, cos my wii fit is a liar! Told me I'd lost 9lbs one week and at WI it was only 2.5 :8855:

    So now I take no notice of the actual figures, but it gives me a slight idea of whether I have lost or not.
  6. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    I do it everytime too but i find it lies! said i'd lost 5.5lb but only lost 3.5lbs.
  7. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

    Haha, they do lie. I went on my friends and then let her take a turn using her own settings. Half an hour later I got back on (with my own settings again) and it told me I'd gained 1lb. I had only sat down for half an hour and watched someone!! I wasn't drinking or eating. I was outraged lol!
  8. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    To the best of my knowledge, mine has never lied or been far wrong.

    Mind you, mine sometimes switches itself off midexercise.

    I would rather have a liar to be honest lol
  9. xxkatyxx

    xxkatyxx Member

    Mine lies too! It said I put on 7lbs on WI day, so didnt want to go 2 SW, but it turned out I stayed the same! now I cant trust it at all!
  10. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    I generally do it everytime, but it's way out from the SW scales so don't pay much attention!
  11. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    mines on carpet so i dont trust it - although since ive got wii fit plus im addicted to the cycling and kung fu! haha! x
  12. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    Ooooh! I'm hoping to get the Wii Fit Plus for Xmas! :D
  13. Joeyanne

    Joeyanne Full Member

    I do it but the only thing I pay attention to is my wii fit age
  14. Brightonrosie

    Brightonrosie I want to be fitter again

    Oh if only that was true too. I'd be twenty years younger!! lol;)
  15. PinkToaster

    PinkToaster Silver Member

    Me too!
  16. pinktiger

    pinktiger Full Member

    My Wii fit keeps telling me I'm putting weight on WTF so I don't relie on it. I do the body test to check my balancing post op. The Wii, Wii Fit etc are the best games console ever invented in my eyes I love it

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