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Wii fit!!



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Have you tried Amazon...I got one from there 2 weeks ago.

Good luck with finding one soon


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Good luck finding one - I have 2 kids and a bf of one of them working in the entertainment industry and they are like gold dust. Luckily I pre-ordered mine and got it the day it came out over here. I love it and I'm sure you will too. I will keep my ears and eyes open for you. Where do you live, Emmie?


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I'm the same, I'm desperate for one and can't bloody get one. It drives me nuts. There are millions of them on Ebay but theres no way on earth I'm paying £120 for one!!!


I got mine (via Hubby) on Amazon just over a week ago for the same price as the UK...there is stock in France apparently as it's not selling as well over there. I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday! Good luck with your search.
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Many of the major stores (HMV definitely) have waiting lists for such things. I would suggest putting your name on the waiting lists of a number of stores as they periodically have small deliveries, and just going with the first one that contacts you.


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had mine for 5wks now and havn't missed a day of excercises yet so there's proof of how addictive they are. you can order 1 from argos and they will email you when the stock arrives. good luck with your search
Hi all
thanks for your replies, im in distress and im a desperate woman, Argos wont take orders for them at the mo, im off to try amazon again now,
Tinley - im in Surrey!

Scottishmum, i have to say ive been tempted by them on ebay
but i know i should just wait!!


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I know what you mean!! Got tired of waiting and ordered mine off Amazon France last week (had a 1-2 week waiting period because everyone in the UK is now ordering them off there!)and got an email today saying it's been despatched so expecting it in the next day or so. You can also try Amazon Germany, and as they're both EU you won't have to pay any extra taxes, works out at about £76 incl postage. Have a read of the discussion forum right at the bottom of the Wii Fit page on Amazon UK, a lot of people are doing the same thing! Hope you get one soon!!
I want one too, but no luck so far getting one!
Try www.amazon.de they had them last week- bought one myself!
Amazon germany has them - havnt ordered yet, anyone know if they are exactly the same? Instruction book will be in German?
So if i got one from Germany/france would it work here? And would it all be in german/french? :eek:

And do they have any more fatbird?
You could make a few pennies on here!! :D :D

ive found one on ebay its £100 plus £25 postage but i could collect it, but still £30 over the odds, but im desperate, i start cd on monday and i wanted it as a distraction for those early days!

What would you do?


on the up lol
i got told new batch coming this month or beginning of next to shops in uk,,, i will never buy one of ebay ........:wave_cry: also a french/german one if it did (hope not) go wrong then what ? best bet pre order then wait :cry:
Why would you not buy off ebay?

Just wondering!!
I am also waiting to buy the wii fit, i will not buy from ebay mainly because i refuse to pay that price, but also i prefer to get warranty.


on the up lol
I am also waiting to buy the wii fit, i will not buy from ebay mainly because i refuse to pay that price, but also i prefer to get warranty.

my point :cool: spot on hun :party0011:


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Even Amazon it's going for over £100 - silly!

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