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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Mollysmum, 15 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. Mollysmum

    Mollysmum Full Member

    Does anyone else here have a wii fit? I am loving mine now I am losing weight.
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  3. RecoveringChocaholic

    RecoveringChocaholic I'm going to be slim

    I've got one they're great fun I laugh at myself every time I try yoga my balance isn't balanced
  4. Mollysmum

    Mollysmum Full Member

    do you do the body test and watch youe weight go down? i love it
  5. RecoveringChocaholic

    RecoveringChocaholic I'm going to be slim

    Yes I do I've seen mine go up thats really gutting but it's on the down again now
  6. Lumpy

    Lumpy One day at a time


    Well, my son had one for Christmas. Think I might just give it a go!

    We've just had an office room put in the garden for hubby when he works from home and will be dusting down the running machine and putting that up too.

    I sat on my bum last time I did LL - no wonder the weight went back on.

    This time's gonna be different :D
  7. hippychicken

    hippychicken Full Member

    ive got one should really get back into it
  8. Preeti77

    Preeti77 Full Member

    I have ordered one and am waiting for the delivery any day now!! Cannot wait :)
  9. emzski

    emzski Full Member

    I am really wanting to get one too, Cant seem to find any in stock though. My boys are so into wii, ive had to make a rota so the eldest knows when he can play it - only twice a week!!
  10. annaphylactic

    annaphylactic Guess who's back...?

    Ooh, I've got one, but not been on it since starting LL... will have to dust it off and see if it helps! :D Has anyone used the fitness DVD we were given in Week 2? I'm in week 4 and still haven't looked at it... whoops! x
  11. smoggii

    smoggii Member

    I can't find one, i'm desperate for one.
  12. Mollysmum

    Mollysmum Full Member

  13. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    I love my wii fit, not been on it for a few weeks as we was decorating.
    I love it when it says ouch when u get on the board..lol
  14. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    since starting oo ll i get on during the week just to see the bmi go down i no it accurate to my llc one but i dont look at the weight just the graph itself and the downward slope ha
    i dont do exercise on it though i prefer my walking and think that the wii sports is better for exercise spec the bowling!!
  15. FattyMcBigbum

    FattyMcBigbum Gold Member

    HAHA I love that too

    I have a Wii Fit and I love it. I was extremely lucky to find one in stock at my local Argos after 3 weeks of trying everywhere every night (including Argos)

    The boxing really gets my heart going, the free step is awesome when I wanna do some exercise and watch TV too and somehow I manage to get either a 3* or 4* (can't remember) on Yoga it refers to me as a 'Yoga Trainer' shocking really lol
  16. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    I couldnt get into the boxing, have to keep trying, i love the yoga tho my balance is not great, and they say my posture is excellent.

    The scales on there are about 10lb less than at LL..
  17. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    really? mine are acuurate!! i put them on the same spot every time though ha!!
  18. karmawitch

    karmawitch Full Member

    I've had mine since July, and have only just got back on it today for the first time in a month, and it was great that it told me I was 11lb down from the last time lol .

    I'm unfit, but managed half hour on it this morning and will try to use it everyday now along with my x-trainer
  19. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    This morning mine says i am 4lb from losing a stone..yipppe have to see what the ll scales say;)

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