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Will exercise help me lose more quicker?

Hi guys n gals,

I am on my third day of Lipotrim and I have found myself wanting to do some sort of exercise. Can anybody tell me if say an hours brisk walk a day would help the weight go quicker? I know my own body and went for a half hour walk last night and felt like I easily could have done more. Or can anyone tell me what exercise and how much would really speed things up? Thanks a lot :)
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I had the same question, I was very tired in week one and two but grand now. The chemist said exercise would always help but if you are to make sure you drink extra water to make up for what you use up walking or exercising.

I am only on it two and a bit weeks though so someone with more experience might be able to help more :)



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Hey hun, well done for feeling like exercise so early into your diet.. I think any kind of exercise is great once you're doing it at a pace that suits you! I started doing step classes when i started doing diet, fancied doing something i hadn't tried before..I was half dead the first few weeks but it got a little easier every week then!! I say once your up and moving it has to burn calories!!:character00116: Good Luck


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Can't see any harm in it,i've been doing some stomach exercises at the end of the step classes..started off doing 20 sit ups, same of leg curls and increased it gradually. now sometimes if i get peckish i do them at home until the cravings pass!! I did have aches and pains for the first while in muscles i didn't even know i had.:p It's all what works for you but would advise not to over do it and sicken yourself the first few weeks!!


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I would recommend only very light excerise, like walking, anything strenious like cardio (more than 10mins) I would avoid as you could risk going into starvation mode. Any weights for toning you can do as much as you like is very good and won't make you dizzy or anything.

I'm on wk 15 now and I did try the gym for a week but I could only do weights for toning etc, I am going to join when I finish LT.


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I do the wii fit plus thirty mins of free step sometimes add ten mins of hula hooping or rhythm boxing with a five min jog to finish not pushing the cardio too hard this way and I do it three times a week :)
Thats perfect!! Wish I had your motivation to that

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