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Will slimming world work?

Hi all, i started slimming world on tuesday, i have previously lost weight on weight watchers but put it all back on and more!
Slimming world just seems too good to be true! the amount im eating makes me think that i wont lose weight, having been so use to counting everything on ww its hard to eat until im full without having to count!
i see everyone on here has had fantastic weight losses and im wondering whether it will work?
Just seems so much with the free food, healthy extra's then the syn's allowance!
Thanks in advance

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yup it works, continue to read a round and you'll see that peoples tickers speak for themselves! welcome to SW and minis xxx


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Yes it will work! I know it seems mad - all that food that isn't 'diet' food pasta, potatoes, rice, meat, fish, etc etc!! I've been doing it on and off for years and still have no idea how it works but it does! Hope it works for you. x


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You know the saying 'If it seems to good to be true, it probably is'?
Well, Slimming World is the exceptions that proves the rule! lol

It's amazing. It works. Simple!


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If you stick to the diet 100% then you will lose the weight. A good guide is 80% free food, 15% HEX's and 5% syns. I have lost just under 1.5 stone in 9 weeks! The only week that I gained was my own fault!


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I promise you it will work, just give it a try it's the only way to find out. Its weird to think of the amount you can eat and still lose weight. xxx Loobylou
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yes it does work believe me !!
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yep it works and actually the more free food u eat the more u seem to lose if u eat to little it can slow your weightloss it will take u alittle while to get your head around it with u doing ww but once u do u will love it


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I just recently started and I was laughing at the consellor when she said how much I could eat. I definately make sure I eat that much and I lost 7lbs in the first week. Give it a try, what's the worst that can happen? You can only lose weight! How much depends on you!

Good Luck


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Definately works! You do need to switch off every other diet you've ever done and don't compare SW to anything else because it's a completely different way of eating.

It's also true that you need to eat regularly. I rarely go more than a couple of hours without eating something (maybe a yogurt or melon etc) as it keeps your metabolism going. But if it's in the book and says it's free.. it's free.. and enjoy it.

I found it hard to switch off the guilt of eating all the time, but once I managed to switch that little voice off in my head that was trying to confuse me, it's plain sailing.

Good luck on your first weigh in!


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I've never been on a 'diet' where you can eat so much! I did notice one week where I only had fruit and yogurt for lunch, I only lost half a pound that week, so I went back to more substantial lunches the following week. I don't eat all my syns every day, but once a week I'll go out to dinner and I still lose weight!


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I agree with above... it definitely does work. I have a slowish thyroid too, and I lost 1/2 a stone in my first two weeks on SW. Get to know the list of free and super-free foods and eat lots of them. You will stave off hunger, feel great and lose weight. I find it very hard to lose weight... and if SW works for me, it'll work for anyone!


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I've been doing calorie limitation for ages and while that worked for me when I was much larger, I'd slowed down to nothing in recent times reducing my metabolism to a crawl with no appetite at all. Off to SW and it's shifting again - may be something to do with SW limiting my weekend alcohol too :ashamed0005:
Thanks Guys, u made me feel positive!!
Ive eaten a few more syns then i should have done the past 3 days but i will make sure i stick to it over the weekend and on monday to make sure i have a good loss on tuesday!!

Hannah x

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