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Willpower to start Slimming world from home?

What, do you mean like a bathroom scales, kitchen scales and tape measure?
Willpower? It's handy if you've got it, but not as essential as stick-at-it-ability. :)


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Sorry I meant how do I go about starting from home, what books people use ect..
Also does it matter that I have the 2008 starter pack?
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The 2008 starter pack doesn't have the latest Extra Easy plan in it. That's the plan that new people are being encouraged to do from the beginning, and it is very good.
You might want to think about going to a group once and joining so that you get the latest info and the plan will be explained to you. It's usualy cheaper than buying the starter packs off the internet too. You don't have to go back if you don't want to.
If you want to use the books you have, you can still use the original (aka red) and green days.


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The plans have changed since then so the information is not completely accurate. My suggestion would be, rather than trying to cope with out-of-date info, that you go along to a class even if it is only for a single week. You can get hold of the latest information and benefit from the consultant introduction that will explain all you need to know about the plans. It won't cost the earth - probably less than you paid on ebay to be honest - as there are often special offers for new starts.


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Do you possibly know how much it costs to go to a group once, also would my carer be able to come or would he have to pay too?
Do you recommend any recipe books?
If you go to the SW website, it's advertising half price membership, so I think with the weekly fee it'll be £9.95.
I'm sure your carer won't have to pay, you only pay the first time at the end after you've sat through the class - at least thet's what's hapened in any one I've been to.
I would recommend the syns directory - gives you the syns of shop things.
I've never bought any recipe books, just do my own recipes and use ones off here.
That's great, let us know what you decide and in the meantime, hang around here with us:)
yeah deffinatly, stick with us.. willpowers fab, but without a group to turn too and a consultant too.. all the info and up to date news will be on here.. along with tonnes of support.

Your carer will deffinatly not have to pay, we have a lad who has a disability, ( i think it may be mild downs) and struggles with his speach who brings his carer with him each week.. he just sits in class and helps him when he needs help explaining or moving to the scales. :) he's like part of the furniture and we have a good laugh :)

i dont think it costs anymore than a tenner for the first class, obviously this is covering your upto date new starter pack and all the knowlege you know to get started. also gives you the password that week for the online website, which i'd sign up to and get as much recipes and info off before the password stops working as its updated each week, which you wont have access to the new password unless you attend group. Everything with sw is pretty straight forward and dare i say it -simple- once its all been explained and its 'clicked' youl be well on your way, but it can seem a bit confusing and overwhelming if youv not had it explained thoroughly. xxx

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