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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by liquoricet, 4 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. liquoricet

    liquoricet Silver Member

    Anyone else new(ish) to SW finding they're full of wind? I'm assuming it's all the extra veg but hope it calms down soon.
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  3. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    I had this really badly in the first week or so, but yes, it did calm down and doesn't bother me very often now. I'm getting it again as I've just got on plan properly after Christmas!
    I think possibly having some really hard-core fibre (like scanbran) may have been one of the things that reduced it for me - it pushes everything through and I think it is fermenting vegetables sitting about inside you that cause the problem (lovely image that). I'd imagine yoghurt might help too? But also just your system gets used to digesting new things.
  4. liquoricet

    liquoricet Silver Member

    Thanks, I'm assuming it's post Xmas body shock compounded by a lack of booze -my tummy isn't happy!

    I think I've been eating more veg rather than fruit too, I wonder if balancing them may help?

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