Wish me luck


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I'm about to go on a 5 hour train journey with 3 kids under 5 and there's a change over too argh I must be mad. The things you do for your kids eh lol!

Emma xXx
good luck with that one! I was on the train on tuesday and It was only for 3 hours on my own and it nearly killed me!
GOOD LUCK HONEY!!!! Yikes, 5 hours is a long one! You must be superwoman!!! :D x
We're going to edinburgh to see the in laws. Wasn't supposed to be going til friday night but my eldest has a throat infection and has had to stay off school so I decided to take them up on the train today instead of the car on friday in comfort with their lovely dvd player lol xXx
Im just back from Edinburgh. I lived there for a few years. Its a gorgeous City and when I was there they were just getting the christmas fair in the princes street gardens all set up, might be done now. They have some gorgeous stuff at the fair and a merry go round, ice rink etc. Its gorgeous. Oh you have to go to Jenners and see the massive tree they have. Have fun and dont get stuck in Topshop buying tights like I did!