Wish me luck


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Good Morning Ladies and Gents

Well tonight will be my 3rd weigh in and I have TOTM but have been doing alot more exercise than the prev 2 weeks, please see my food diary as o there it says what I have and have not been doing.

Anyway I am at wok all day and then straight to the gym :p:rolleyes: then off to WI:rolleyes: Just hope I have done enough this week, I know its optomistic but if I loose 4lbs then I can get my half stone award but ideally just want to have 2lb off can always get half stone next week!

So wish me luck for tonight!
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Good luck Sarah! TOTM is a real pain but I always find that if it doesn't show on the scales during that week, it catches up with you the next and you get an even better weight loss. Hope it goes well.
Jay x


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oh good luck, hun, im facing weigh in 3 on thursday and i can feel the monthly run up already ie bloated and stodgy so im dreading it but i suppose if its just water retention then it will come off the week after... only need 1lb for my stone so hope to get that!!
good luck any way hun xxx


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Best of luck for tonight!

Mrs V

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Fingers and toes crossed for you this evening Hun!! As the others have said regardless of what the scales say, you should normally have a good loss next week! I lost 1lb this week and it was TOTM, so Im hoping for a good result next week!!!

Good luck!


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Sending lots of positive thoughts for your weigh in today. Any loss is a good loss though :)


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Good luck chick! I am the same, this week is the week before my TOTM (although I'm not always regular) but I can tell because I feel really bloated and a bit blurgh! I don't feel like I have lost anything this week :( Let us know how you get on xx


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good luck hun - i hope all that hard work at the gym has paid off! im sure it has, let us know how you get on :)