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***wishing wednesday daily thread***


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Good morning daily threaders

Thanks for the lovely interest in my evening at Oliver. Nancy was played by Jodie Strenger, who won the TV competition to discover a new star for the role. She looks fabulous (a curvy shape), having lost a lot of weight in the past.

As long as I don't hum that other well known show tune ' xoox, glorious xoox' (rhymes with dude!) - my day shouldn't be too difficult, ha ha!

Working from home, no plans to venture out, other than perhaps for a newspaper.
Is it me and ketosis, or is it rather cold out there?

Good Luck to all, wishing everybody success x:scale:
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morning BB
glad you had a good night :)

Im thinking its colder too, i just cant get warm lately and today feels colder, im going to Blackburn tonight to watch the football so gonna be sat shivering my a$$ off wearing about 10 layers :bundledup:

my throat is still sore and last night my ear was hurting as well so hope i havent got ear/throat infection or something :(

hope everyone has a good day :D

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
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Morning Bling!
Sounds like you had a fantastic time :)
I agree it does feel bloomin cold out there!

Im feeling drained today, missing my man loads . . . :( Its only been one night, kept waking up and realising he werent there. I've never missed someone like this before. Hoping i get some better sleep tonight.

2nd WI tonight :eek: I'd be happy with a 2lb loss to be honest so bring it on.

Hope everyone has a lovely day x


Why Be Normal?
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Morning Ladies --

BB... just keep remembering what they were served in the orphanage, and how awful it was. I am so psyched that we are FINALLY going to Jersey Boys on Sunday. Have you seen this show? If so, do you think it will be okay to bring our 10 year old. We bought her a ticket, as well.

Mandy -- Are you a footie fan or just a fantastic wife & mother? I am not even going to church across the street because it is 800 years old and too cold. The base heats the chapel. I figure God knows I'm a wimp -- there's fooling God -- so, why suffer. Brrrrrr.

Haley, How long is he going to be gone? I know how it is -- our whole community does. Our men (and many women) are gone a lot, some for many months.

Weighed in yesterday -- broke even. I am not managing my limited consumption (in addition to 2 CD meals) so that I am losing. So, I am going to drop down this week, and really make the effort to get in some more exercise. Did the body shape yesterday -- not as painful as the pilates/yoga combo that is today.

It is going to be even harder because I am driving back and forth to Cambridge every day now (takes about 45 minutes to a hour because of traffic) to visit our friend in the hospital and his daughter (who is constantly at his side). By the way, he is making an amazing recovery -- and his daughter has really bonded with the other families sitting vigil in the intensive care unit. One family has been there for 40 days waiting to see if their daughter will ever wake up after a car acccident. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY. So many of these people were injured in car accidents.

Yesterday, I could only stay for a couple of hours -- then had to get back for DD coming home from school. But, today DD has an after school activity and DD can go and get her. So, I am going to go visit the friend -- and as the son will be visiting the father today -- I will take the girl out to do her laundry, some shopping and meal. I offered to do her laundry for her, but she'd rather do it herself. I understand that.

So, I better "move it, move it" as the meercats in Madagascar sing!

I hope everyone has a great day.



Still fighting
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Morning all - A flying visit for me as I'm dashing off to work!

Good luck Hayley on ur WI :)

I'm freezing too wish the sun would show its face sometime soon :eek:

Have to pop to my CDC at lunch time to swap some soups i don't like for shakes :)

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hi MM
i am a footy fan, i used to have a season ticket and take my son(got mine free as a PA) but he decided he didnt want to go anymore so havent been for 2 years.
my Aunts partner goes and the people that she goes with are away so there were a few spare tickets so my aunt, someone they work with and me are going, will be a good night just hope we beat Wigan and hope i dont get too cold, thnk ill go to Asda and get some thermals lol


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Morning all,

Its freezing cold here... brrrr... gonna take the dog out soon, i was waiting to see if it warmed up a lil bit, alas not..!!
then onwards with the uni work.. got deadline monday for studio work, so no rest for the wicked!!
Bling glad you had a good evening, I love the theatre, but its expensive.. boo!
Mandy hope you feel better soon, i also have a sore throat etc, its rubbish! means i cant shout at the kids!
Hayley my OH is away for a month in the summer, not looking forward to that! but kinda am in some ways! at least he's not messing up the house i spend ages cleaning!
MM good going on all that exercise! ive decided to walk the dog more, we could both do with it really!! thats the extent of my exercise im afraid, i hate it!
ello trash! cant wait for the spring! it'll warm up then!

anyways, gotta dash, will pop in later...
be good!


please try again
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morning all, hope everyones having a good one

mm, glad to hear your friends on the road to recovery

well todays my weigh in day, have been a good girl so am hopefu of a good result
got my sister and BIL round tonight so he can do his tax returns on my computer and as a thanks they are bringing bad food for them all to eat, grrrr real helpful for me
next week should be 810 week but dont think i will be doing it, its not that long since my break for christmas and well am very skint right now, got a bill for £95 in overseas calls, he forgot to use the calling card before calling his family in africa! he doesnt have the means to pay it so ive got to find the money to pay after getting a gas bill for £324. gonna have to ask them to let me pay gas in installments, no way can i find that all at once
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Morning Ladies...

My 5 day ss is still on track, im a divil and break it on weekends for now :( today im miss stinky breath and im getting paranoid if i have to show someone something and lean over their desk to speak to them... yuck...

Sumayyah and Haley - Good luck on WI - cant wait to hear how you got on.

Blingbabe - Oliver sounds great fun, i must make a trip over to west went to see a show sometimes and nope its cold out :) brrrr not just you...

Lancslass - Enjoy your footie match, avoid the hotdogs ( gawd i love them) and hope your throat/ear is better soon.

MinnieMel - Jerseyboys sounds like fun, lets know what it was like. Agree about driving carefully and echo your sentiments.
With regards your WI yesterday - a breakeven is good too, just means next week you will have an even bigger loss! :))

Trash - I dont like some of the soups either, the only one i really like is spicey tomatoe but I can stomach veg...

AllyB - Good luck on all your study for your deadline monday :) My hubby is back doing his Masters in the eveningtime and seeing him and remembering my own times with assignments/exams it can be quite intense.... youll do great im sure :))

Well, thats me for now....



Slimming down the aisle
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BB glad to hear you enjoyed Oliver. I'm not a fan of it myself, I think I slightly overkilled it as a kid!! It is quite cold yes. I got a text from one of my housemates this morning say that the heating was left on all night last night and they'd gone to bed early but left it on for me, so in future can I make sure that I turn it off before I go to sleep because they can't afford to waste money like that, and it's unhealthy. No unhealthy is blood going from warm to cold all the time! I look forward to not living in this house I tell you, I'll turn my house into a sauna for a while, just because I can!

Mandy, hope you enjoy the football, and hope you feel better soon! Sorry but I'm hoping that Wigan and that N'Zogbia scores them all, then I might have a chance of winning Fantasy Football this week! Actually, Blackburn can win, I have no problems with that, as long as Wigan get a few goals too :D

Aww Hayley, I bet it must be weird, will make you appreciate him even more when he's back. Let us know how your WI goes!

MM don't feel too bad about the STS, at least it's not a gain, that's how I think about it anyway, sometimes it just works that way, especially when you're so close to goal.

Afternoon Tracey, hope your day is going well.

Aly good luck with your studio work!

Claire, good luck with WI, let us know how it goes. Gas bills and in fact all bills suck don't they! We've just got ours too and I'm like what?! It's estimated, and our gas is above what they've estimated because it's been so cold, not sure if we have to actually tell them though.

Amber it might be worth popping to Boots or something and looking for sugar free breath freshener or something so you don't have to worry about ketosis breath!

Today will be a day of dissertation work I think. I'm making good headway on it, but really want to crack on with it so that when university starts back the middle of February I don't have quite so many things to juggle. Have finally managed to arrange a second interview for it, though have had to use my back up choice, but it's better than none! Right, off to have my first shake and get on with some work, will catch you all later, hope you have good days! xx
Yesterday was a very trying day for me. My work did 49 layoffs that did not impact my position at all, but the company is like one big family and its hard to see such amazing people leave the building. In addition, I got word that an old professor of mine and a good friend's sister passed away as well. My work load (which is already 3 times more than I can handle) has doubled with all of the changes.

I slipped back into the stressed eating yesterday, I think its going to be a challenge to overcome that. Whenever I'm in one of those moods and so upset, the last thing in my mind is anything other than nasty food. I realize that I should try to eat something healthy, I just dont care. I really dont know how to combat emotional eating. I guess the good thing is that while I've had a few emotional moments the last few months, I typically do not. I'm usually pretty even and therefore don't have a good chew session to calm me down.

Here's to hoping today is better than the last and I can get back on track! Have a wonderful day everyone :)


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Morning all - My first mix-a-mousse arrived today so keep your fingers crossed for me that it works. This is going to be my first attempt! I really hope it works and that I like it cos i can't stomach the shakes or tetras at all.

On a happy note - my mum posted some clothes over with the CD stuff - things I had bought on ebay and she had (very disdainfully) said that there was no way this denim skirt would fit and there was no point in sending it... and IT FITS... lol and I even think it looks nice - so guess what I shall be wearing when I get out of the shower and ready for classes! :)

I have to confess to a very bad day of blipping yesterday - got in the car, went to the shop and bought evil things, came home, stuffed my face and then felt guilty.
However - that is all behind me now. My new denim skirt and I shall be going onwards and downwards to new progress and happy feelings!

Have a good day!


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S: 160kg C: 147kg G: 100kg BMI: 47.9 Loss: 13kg(8.11%)
Oh yuk - I think i put too much mousse in or not enough water or something but it came out like solid rubber!


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
I put quite a lot more water in the mix-a-mousse than they say to, about 300ml. And blend it for 2 minutes, and it comes out alright then. Need to mix the powder with the shake first too, or it'll go lumpy!

I've just been talking to my sisters about tattoos, and now I really want a second one! I've had the idea of stars on my wrist, where each star had a meaning behind it, something it symbolised. But so many people have stars now I'm a bit put off!
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afternoon all

alex great news that the skirt fits, take a photo and email it to your mum ;)

amber dont worry i wont toch the hot dogs, they are pretty gross tbh, daughter used to get one when she came to the footy with me, in fact ive never eaten any of the crappy stuffy they sell there as its just overpriced muck.
think ill make a big flask of peppermint tea or coffee with me to keep me warm :D
just gotta make sure i drink most of my 3 litres of water before i go tho cos i aint taking water with me, it'll be like a big ice cube!!

you guys with the big gas bills i dont envy you having to pay out all that dosh, i have prepayment meters for both gas and electric, hubs wants me to pay by DD but i like to know what im paying and find it easier to budget for


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S: 160kg C: 147kg G: 100kg BMI: 47.9 Loss: 13kg(8.11%)
Thanks Mandy - photo now duly emailed to mother!

Caroline - many thanks for the mousse advice - I shall use more water with my next attempt.

Right - I am showered and ready for teaching - 3:30pm til 10pm tonight. groan!
Feeling very inspired to be extra good with the diet - amazing what a new skirt can do!
S: 15st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st1lb(26.27%)
caroline the star tattoo sounds good, like you say lots have them but so what, yours will have meaning to it.
im tinking of another, so far i have buterfly at top of arm, red rose at bottom of spine, then got my kids names in chinese on my ankle then last year for my 40th i got bigger butterfly that drapes down my spine from the top, if you look at my zante 09 pics on my facebook there is a pic of it on there :D


Slimming down the aisle
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I'll have a look :)

I think I'm going to get it, but in a more inconspicuous place. I emailed a guy who contacted me about a PR job, they're considering me when I've graduated and asked him and he said the following....

Thanks for asking. You should ideally not get a tattoo on your wrist, or in a position that is visible when you are wearing a business suit or typical business casual clothes. The wrist is a particular problem because your hands are always right in front of clients at meetings and so the tattoo would also be right there in front of them at meetings.

I am afraid that most business people are fairly conservative, as are a large percentage of the PR industry, and would see a highly visible tattoo as at least a curiosity (rather than a statement of personality) or at worst a reason not to take that person seriously.

We had a young woman with us until last year who had a tattoo across her shoulders that was visible when she wore a top cut lower than usual at the back. That worked fine as it disappeared when she wore a blouse or jacket.

We have asked new employees for example to cut their hair (males) or remove ear-rings (males) or eyebrow studs (both sexes) when they started work for the same reason.

Remember that a tattoo is for life (bar expensive laser removal) and you can’t easily remove it if you regret it in 10 or 20 years’ time, so something subtle and discrete is best…but I’m sounding like a father and should probably shut up at this point.

So I think the best option is to go for somewhere that can be hidden when necessary. Once I'm in a job, it'll be a different matter, but starting out, might not do me any favours.


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
Ooh I love the butterfly! There are some lovely photos :)


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Good afternoon daily threaders

MM, it's good news that your friend is making a recovery -this must be very encouraging for his daughter and son.

Having read through all the daily posts I now spot something odd - the actress that plays Nancy in Oliver is of course Jodie Prenger, not Strenger - its funny how we make up new names for people?!

I haven't seen Jersey Boys but I have heard its very good and I was of the impression that its family entertainment. I almost feel guilty to be admitting that I have another West End musical tommorow - Dreamboats and Petticoats - for those that don't know, I belong to websites that offer extremely cheap seats at very short notice. I can't post the names but will reply to any emails via minimins.

Ah Hayley, I remember crying when a boyfriend went on business to the States for a week. I missed him so much that I ended up calling from work when I was on night duty at a nursing home - my boss never charged for the call as I was so evidently pining away, oh to be young and in love !!

Good luck for the weigh-ins, and well done alexice with denim skirt but no more blipping for a while please!

Interesting Caroline re: how visible tatoos can be considered when you are in a prominent PR job - I thought attitudes might be more liberal but the advice you got sounded very helpful about how some clients could react.

Catch up later x

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