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Wispa gold syns

I had one the other day and i think it worked out as 13 syns. Its about 260 calories. A lot of syns but oh my god was it worth it!x
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Jeez!! 13 syns!! i have already scoffed it! and i agree they are soooo delish! ah well i have been good today and havent gone over 15 syns with this wispa so not too bad!
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where did you get your wispa gold from ??????? i always have a wispa as my fix and wished they still did the wispa golds !!! i havent found any anywhere !!


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OH DEAR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ate TWO of them last night - needed a serious chocolate fix obviously....oh well better be good now for the rest of the week....:eek:

x Alex x

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where do you manage to get wispa golds???? I used to love them and can only ever find the plain chocolate ones!!!


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they just brought them back out limited edition - I am resisting them as they are my favourite.

Cadbury Wispa Gold 52g standard

Original 13½ Syns
Green 13½ Syns

I love Wispas but have so far resisted having one as they are so many syns - however, I may have to give in now, used to love Wispa gold even more.
Damn this thread!


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i had one on saturday, i am glad i did not have any others syns that day.


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Wispa Golds are evil!!

They are just to good and far to many syns! At work we have a counter display of them so they are calling me everyday!!! So far i have only had 1 and that was enough to cure the craving!!

For now anyway!!


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omg I love them!! 13.5syns well worth it. I'm going to have one with my syns on WI day I think... still under-syns but incredibly YUMMMM!! xx
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I love Wispa Golds so so much. My thought was if I eat enough of them they might stay for keeps. Mind you, should probably eat a few less now I'm doing SW.

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