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With a lot of trepidation I want to join WeMITTS

At the beginning of last year I was well over 23 stone, the beginning of this year I had managed to lose nearly 3 stone, down to 21.25 but was beginning to fail but my Doc saw I meant to lose weight this time and put me on Xenical and this weekend, after being on it for 5 weeks I am down to 20 stone and what is even better is that I have lost a good 4" off B/W/H, the Doc is more pleased with the 4" loss off my weight than anything else as the fat we carry there shows the amount the vital organs have to deal with.

Anyway this time I do mean it, I am coming up to 68 have an arthritic knee which I don't suppose they will do until I lose more weight and I really want to enjoy life again.
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Well done on your weight loss

I love reading posts like yours where people sound so motivated , helps me on my motivation for my long road of shedding the pounds !
Good luck on the rest of your weight loss journey !! :)
mini targets rather than the whole picture, so rather than think "i have x stones to lose..." which seems so far away, think to yourself "right, this month i'm going to get rid of half a stone". or lose 1inch from waist. or whatever is achievable for you! its much more manageable to concentrate on that in the short term.
best of luck with heading towards a lovely slim waist!! :)
Hi Madchef and well done on your weight loss so far:clap:

I set myself a half stone goal. So I don't ever think of how much I've got to lose in total, just the next half a stone. I've got 6lbs to lose for my next half stone, and so on. I find this works for me! (Plus I have a photo of a pair of expensive boots that I AM going to buy at the end of my journey):)


size 14 here I come
Good luck on your journey :) I wish I had of taken my measurments at the start so I can see how many I have lost, recon it would be quite a few! :D
best of luck to you :)


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Hi, well done on starting. I have loads to lose and when I look at the big picture .. well its daunting to say the least. So, this time I have decided to concentrate on taking off one stone at a time that way I have lots of small achievements that will get me to goal. Good luck, we are all rooting for you!


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Well done on your start. I started off at nearly 24 stone and I am now 21st 1lb and waiting for the scales to say 20 something!!

It has not been easy and the going has been slow, but like you feel this is the time.

I took my measurements at the start and have not checked since, I keep hanging out for when I feel on down as I know it will give me a boost :)
I feel so chuffed with my weigh in yesterday the Doc was so thrilled for me and very complimentary, he knew his scales were out so I am going by my Sister's ones. The thing he really takes note of is the waist measurement as that is the most important health wise and seeing I have lost another inch of my waist this month really meant something so I am a happy bunny :bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance:
well done sweetheart!! xx


To infinity and beyond!

Well done :)

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