hi everyone and a good morning to you all...am thinking of finishing lighterlife very shortly... have been feeling really dizzy and feeble especialy when standing up.. hairloss and bleeding gums too... eeeeeeeeeek.. am about a stone from target but just dont think I can carry on feeling this crap.. not sure i can hack the management programme and think i just need a break from it.. any ideas of food choices to start with would be really great... tis a great diet but at the mo the smallish weightlosses dont seem to be outweighing my general lack of energy and other symptoms.. thankyou all and big hugs n love to you... xxxxxx:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Hiya Alex,

sorry to hear your'e feeling so good at the moment... I would reccommend you speak to your counsellor and go into management, earlier than you had intended - you could always stay on the first week for a while....

See what she/he recommends you to do.. but a word of warning - don't dissapear from your counsellor or group. soo many people think they can go it alone so to speak, once they've lost the weight...

Hope you feel better soon

Totally agree with Geri, you must speak with your C don't just leave and start eating 'real' food again cos no matter how healthy your choices, you will gain weight if you don't re-introduce it properly.

It could be better to go into management or perhaps add an extra pack, take advice from your C she will have the experience to help you.

Hope you feel better soon.
I also agree with Geri. I too have suffered terribly with bleeding gums, toothache, hair loss, etc. That is one of the reasons that I went into Management earlier.

Please please don't leave the group. It is by far the most important time that you will need support.

Even with support, I have found the last week very difficult - in fact I am going for a pop in this afternoon so that I can talk a few things through with my counsellor. Once you lose the comfort blanket of ketosis the inclination is to go round and eat everything in sight. Not doing so has been a real battle for me this week, some of the battles have been won, others not!

Also the CDs that you are given in management are extremely powerful - one of the reasons I believe I have struggled so much this week is I haven't had time to listen to the CDs and do the exercises.

I really can't stress enough how important it is to go into Management it really is the key to winning the weight war, even if you lose a couple of minor battles on the way.

Good luck and let us know what you do.
hi everyone... thankyou so much for your words of wisdom.. i am bit frigtened of going it alone but also dont know if i can face anymore shakes.. ... i have got a big exam coming up in a couple of weeks and i just dont wanna feel rough round that time.. i have emaild counsellor as i wont be seeing her again til thursday..confused !!!!!!! thankyou n hugs to you...xxxxxxx