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have a great swim i will be doing the same some week soon lol


One last chance
Swimming is great! works out the whole bod!

Have fun!


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:banana dancer:
Go you!! Have fun :)


Here we go again!
Have a great time. Wish I was brave enough to go swimming, really love it but not very good at it. Splash about for me!


Slowly but surely!
I miss my swimming but I still feel too weak, im hoping my energy levels will start to pick up so I can start going again, have fun :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Ive been going swimming!!! Going again tomorrow :)

Cant wait!!!

I went off the top diving board n all :D


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im baaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkk! it was so cool! went with ma mate, and i out swam him (if swams a word) im deffo goin back, and i missed "man talk" in the steam room....

i use to go alot then stopped......

woo woooooo

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
i've recently started going with a friend twice a week, hate the thought of it but enjoy it when i get there!!


I will be skinny again!!!
I just run and pretty much jump into the water :) lol once its all under water you dont care anymore!!


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careful you dont moan all night cos u like to open your eyes under the water but dnt like goggles.....
hehe Lauren.. silly girl!

well done Roddy.. I cant swim.. almost drowned once kayaking 10 yrs ago so just stayed away.. think being overweight is one reason I never tried to learn..

Keep going and keep enjoying!


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Well you won't make as big a splash any more!:D



My husband = My hero
Sara he will, his ego is enough to empty the pool!!

Ollie, bless your little socks! yu should deffinately learn to swim, now your skinny, it is something you could use to improve your ocnfidence an stuff..



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Swimming is great - ollie you should defo give it another try :)