Woohoo going to CD Councellor tonight!!


Needs to stick to it!!!
Hello All,
Well finally made the call and am going to see the councellor tonite!!I cant wait...

Some of you may remember me from before altho i stopped alot of my posting when i stopped with the diet just lurked alot lol....Altho mini told me on many occasions to just write!!lol So anyway..i had lost over 5 stone on LT n CD last year..and unforunetly have gained it all back again..im sooo silly sometimes!!!
Anyway i cant WAIT to start back again...*typical that ive just done all the grocery shoppin yest and have loads of lovely things in the cupboard* lol...so ill be muchin away tonite..lol hows that for logic!!
Anyway,looking forward to posting more now that ill be back on CD... :D Chat to you alll soon... :D
welcome back to CD!

you've lost it all before so u know u can do it again!

good luck tonight.

Hi Mags,

Good to see you posting again:)

What day are you thinking of starting CD:confused:

Here's to a slim summer ahead:D

Love Mini xxx
GO MAGS! you can do it honey!
Love the bike pic by the way!
Thanks for that karen :) im looking forward to starting back again!!:)

I should be starting back tomorow all gong well ...thats the plan anyway!!:D

Ahh good luck to you as well just reading that ur just starting again too :)
Thanks soo much keelie- yah great pic:D ..my *not so secret* love!!hehe

n blitz thanks cant wait to get started again ! :D
Good luck!
yayyy!back from my councellor...~and how great she is~ :D got all my packs...wahhhoooo......so ready to start this..again..hehe...

Thanks Big puddin' n CD Councellor!!! :D
Good luck Mags:D

The dream is yours, just reach out and make it happen:)

Love Mini xxx
Hope today goes well for you mags xxxxxx
Thanks Chris n keelie...bit hungry at the mo!lol tryin to get back into the water thing again!lol
think i mite set up a diary and waffle away in it lol
you'll be fine! just think of the great feeling you will have when you go to bed tonight knowing that youve got day 1 done and out of the way!
i can smell toast here at work so im not a happy bunny at the moment. i love toast. :cry:

the diary idea is great! get waffling and you'll feel better for getting stuff off your chest! thats what i do.

have a great day, be good, glug that water and you'll be slim in no time!
Ohhh keelie i feel ur pain toast is a weak spot for me i just love it!!!! hope ye didnt cave!!!
yah not doin too bad with the water so far....yayyy...