Time to try again

Well here i am again about to have another go at Dukan. Is there anyone out there???
I first did the Duken diet around 2009 ish i think... so long ago that i had to make a new account to get on here! Back then there was sooo much support on here. I lost 35lbs and felt great. I have been trying every diet under the sun over the last year and am just getting bigger and bigger! Really getting me down 😥. But last night i had a dream where i was slim and i was making my oatbran pancake as i was on the dukan diet again!

So I've taken that as a sign and im starting again today. I need to find some oatbran asap so fingers crossed! I can't rememeber how to make it! I used to get so many recipies from here and found the diet so simple and easy before.

So today is day 1 and i have around 5 stone to lose... crikey 😳. No time to waste... i need to do this! I will be posting in here as it helps me stay on track. If noone is around... thats ok lol. If anyone is out there, say hi!

Will post todays food once ive been shopping... nothing planned yet... all very spontaneous based on last nights dream 😁
Day one was easy peasy... but day 1 of any diet generally is. Having done this diet before i know what i can get away with and ketchup is one of thise things!
Food was 2x 95% beef burgers with 2x fried eggs and ketchup for lunch
Dinner 2x steaks
I made an egg custard which i demolished and also had my galette with lemon and sweetner kater in the evening.

This morning i was 4lb down... which is fab! I realise that this is water weight but great to see the acales moving.

Today food was exactly the same. Im a bit of a creature of habit lol. Tomorrow i will change things up with chicken and fish.

I have felt hungry today but also not wanting to eat as feeling sick. I recognise this feeling though and know it will pass. Especailly when i can have some veg or salad in a few days time. So far so good.

Looming forward to what the scales say tomorrow!