Working out on an empty stomach?

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by thejoyofanonymity, 17 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Hey, so quite a few of my workouts at the moment are done first thing in the morning before I go to work. I'm not a big breakfast eater, I just don't feel hungry at that time of the morning. I've also seen some positive and negative things online about whether you should/shouldn't eat before working out in the morning.

    What do you guys do if you exercise in the am - I'm not eating at the moment and finding it fine but don't want to be hurting my body unnecessarily.

    Ta :)
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  3. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    i really struggle eating early on, so a cup of coffee is usually my pre exercise breakfast.
    its worked ok when ive done a 5k park run, but I have to force myself to eat before a marathon
  4. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Most of my workouts are first thing without breakfast. I'm used to it and I know there's research for and against but it works for me. I wouldn't go longer than 60 mins without fuelling though. And I generally have a protein shake / smoothie etc after, on the way to work
  5. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Thanks for the tips :) I seem to be doing okay without eating in the morning so I'll stick with going how my body feels... :)

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