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wow i am unfit!

Just tried my first ever exercise dvd!

Got Jillian Michael's 30 day shred! it had really good reviews on amazon and got a new copy of it for 4.99 on ebay with free postage! it seems good because it has 3 different levels for the workouts and as you get fitter you advance onto the next level. Oh and the best part is each workout is only 20mins so no excuses of oh i don't have time!

Feeling rather warm now lol! But it wasn't anything too difficult just that i am pretty damn unfit!

Also in the past few days bought Billy Blank's tae bo collection and Vicky Binn's dance it off. Has anyone tried either of these?

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I remember when I first got Davina! I sat of the sofa with a cuppa and watched it! I think I even had a biccie! At least I knew what to expect when I did eventually do it properly! Now I love it! It's only 30 mins so like you said, no excuses for not doing it!
I haven't heard of them let alone tried them!!! I'm a bit out of touch with them to be honest!
I have Davina and it is fab. Don't do it but it's fab!
Isn't owning it enough? lol


Want to do it this time!!
When I read the title of your post I thought it was dedicated to me!! I ge so out of breath whnding my work out videos its amazing!!

I love the Billy Blanks Tae Bo stuff, although I do find it hard to keep up with. It's pretty intensive but it's well worth it after becos you feel you just trained to run a marathon!!

Have fun hun.
Scouzer. X
i just tend to buy ones that are on offer i luv a bargain lol! vicky binns dance it off i got for 2.99 and i think a collection of 4 billy blank tae bo dvds was about 6 or 7 quid :)

had a sore neck past few days but gona try tae bo later this week :) wish me luck lol! oh and thanks for the advice!

I remember when I first got Davina! I sat of the sofa with a cuppa and watched it! I think I even had a biccie!
This did make me laugh! It's SO me though. I'd probably have the whole packet
I've got the Vicky Binns dvd and after I did it the first time I renamed her Vicky B*tch! lol Man was it fast going!!

Which reminds me, I haven't done an exercise dvd for aaaages.

If you like a bit of variety and have sky sports, the Oz aerobics thats on there in a morning is quite good. They try and change it every day so one day is low impact aerobics, the next interval training, the next pilates, then high impact etc etc. I used to record it all the time to do every morning! Hhhhhmm haven't done that for ages either - and then I wonder why I've put weight on!!! lol
lol yeh the other day i was flicking through the channels on sky and found a fitness channel some of the programs are sooooo cheezy! there was a woman in a sequiny top prancing around doing a work out in high heels very strange! and another one where a girl in her pants and a sports bra and legwarmers was telling me how to do circuits yeh right!! but a couple look quite fun to try - the cardio combat looked esp good!


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