WW - 3rd week rut!


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S: 15st4.5lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st12lb Loss: 0st9.5lb(4.43%)
Hiya all,
Im now into my third week on ww on the propoints plan and am really struggling :cry:I really dont know why! Ive tracked everything and have been trying to fill up on 'free foods' yet I still feel hungry and feel the urge to eat!
It shall be my totm next week so that may not be helping. I just dont want to mess up now.
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I know the feeling, TOTM now. I have a 50 pointer day Wed, 38 PP day yesterday and today I was feeling sorry for myself and had 27 PP down the chippie :p Exercise out the window for two days but went for a walk today and that seems to have calmed my urges to eat everything in site. I'm just swigging down the water and free squash too! I also took a "before" picture on my mobile so everytime I've thinking of eating the house out I look at my online profile, see how much I've lost and look at that picture.. doesn't make me wanna eat!! Haha! Good luck, week 3 was pretty hard as I thought I was getting a bit lax with the PP counting, but once it was over and had my best loss ever it was well worth being good!

Good luck, stay focused - you will get through it :)


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If u r hungry all the time try simply filling, I do sf 5/7 days and I am alot less hungry on sf don't really get the urge to snack!