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WWAAAYYYY Too Much Info but ...

How in the name of Satan's butt crack is it possible for me to be constipated?! You would think by eating all of this fibre/fruit/veg/general good for you food that I would be pooping like a great dane! Sadly this is not the case and I haven't been able to pay the porcelein God a decent visit in almost a week now despite the evil flatulence of doom!

I have had to resort to desperate measures and have just taken some lauctulose :yuk: My innards are now churning so much that you can literally hear it. Thank the Lord that hubby and I don't smoke as naked flames would be very dangerous in this household tonight!!
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I have IBS too so thought that this change of eating would help not hinder it EEP! I used to take pepermint oil capsules so might get back on to them, thanks :) I'm not a huge fan of minty things (except toothpaste weirdo that I am) but I will take one for the team and try the tea. Think I'll take lactulose every couple of days too for the next couple of weeks just to make sure everythings, well, ahem .. "clearing out"
Coffee doesn't have that effect on me sadly :( I wish it did as it would be a much more pleasant experience!
the oil capsules have to be counted as syns if u go to holland and barretts u can get chalky tablets not syns - also my doc told me to eat fruit before a meal as this also helps your digestion xx
oo that's a bit rubbish! I normally get mine on prescription so don't really have a choice in what they give :(
oo that's a bit rubbish! I normally get mine on prescription so don't really have a choice in what they give :(
they don't work out that many syns i think my consultant worked it out 1/2 - 1 syn per capsule but the ones i was taking i was taking up to 8 a day and i dont want to spend my syns on medication, maybe your doc could prescribe the chalky ones ? x


There is only now
I made the error of not drinking sufficient water and by the end of week two was clogged up like a good 'un.

An increase in fluids has helped loads. I find it difficult to drink water though so just sip hot water with a bit of lime cordial in it through the day. I wee longer that an Arabian racehorse now!
this is going to sound v random, but if you can raise your feet off the floor when you are sat on the loo it will be easier to go. you need something like those little plastic footstools you can get, im not suggesting you just sit there using your muscles to float your legs in front! hehe
Thanks for all of your suggestions! I will be sure to give them a bash. I've just looked up the syns for a glass of OJ, as a daily glass was the only thing that kept me regular whilst pregnant so I may just have to bite the bullet and give up some norty syns for the greater good :giggle:
LOL your description made me laugh :)
I have to say that I had the same problem in my first week and I found that exercise helped. Thankfully I was on the exercise bike at home becasue all of a sudden I really, really needed to go!
well i think I might have OD'd on the old lactulose as it's working a little too well :(
You could ask your pharmacy if they have some Fibreclear. I'm guessing there won't be any syns in it as it's suitable for people on Lipotrim and such like :)

Rooting for you! Never nice being bunged up!

Briar x
Definitely up your water intake - "extra roughage needs extra fluid" as my nan used to say. lol.

Three scanbrans (with cheese spread) and a pint of water at night usually works for me.

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