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Xenical and Slimming World


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I have done Slimming world and xenical and just about to come back to it.

It works really well together. Any questions feel free to ask.

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i thought about doing that but is slimming world a low fat diet ???

if i go to a club i tend to get all stressed up so i am just weighing myself for now.................:)


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You can adapt the Slimming world recipes, and yes there are some you can't have, but I have as Rachel said lost almost 3 stone doing Slimming world and taking the tablets.

There are also a few more who have lost loads of weight doing it


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I've recently gone back to WW and in so far I've lost 7.5lbs in two weeks! (I've also upped my exercise so it's not just WW) I've not really changed what I eat so much, because everything was fairly low fat for obvious reasons, but I think the slight shift in perceptions of what/how much I was eating has given my body a bit of a boost these past two weeks. A lot of the recipes do tie in with Xenical.

I am the kind of person who benefits from a weekly support group, but with four other ladies in my dept at work on WW, we share ideas/tips etc - its getting unfortunate for the ladies in our dept who aren't on the plan!!


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I know my mum has people at her SW class that also take xenical. I was thinking about joining for the weekly weigh in as I dont see my doc for 3 months.



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I was going to slimming world, and was having a rough time with family issues and such, and was generally loosing 1lb here and there or stsand one week i put on 1/2 lb and the woman that weighed me said....wait for it....."why are you bothering....i mean really why are you even bothering to come here...do you even try??" I was so shocked I simply said, "well obviously i like giving you my money" picked up my things and left..I never went back...was too shocked in all honesty!

But saying that, I will follow SW when i start tomorrow!



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Oh my gosh! That's horrible.... please tell me you reported this person...
It gives sw a bad name... and for those like me who are wanting to start!


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At first i didnt, but so many people told me i should i rang the leader and spoke to her, who was as equally horrified as everyone else ive told...it deeply upset me and I wont go back, not to be judged in that manner.


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Yes very glad you reported her. !

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