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Xenical and Slimming World

hi there

i have been at slimming world 7 weeks now, the first 6 i managed to loose 18lbs, and then last week i stared Xenical and only lost 1lb this week.....i would have thought / hoped that by using Xenical i could have boosted my looses from 2 / 3 to 3/4 hopefully...

i followed both "plans" to the letter of the law and did 12 hours walking this week, so i am a wee bit disappointed with the small loss, tho i suppose ....its still a loss..:confused:
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I don't get how you managed to follow both completely as a lot of sw foods aren't within the xen rules!!

However well done on your losses so far they are great!

Sometimes the xen can make you constipated so you weigh heavier! But give them a chance they aren't magic pills! Stay focused do what you hVe been and your be fine! Xx
What foods arent allowed on xencial that are on slimming world ??
Mainly syn value foods, cheese, fish, sauces etc! Xx


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And don't forget you won't lose lots every week. Losing just a little, staying the same and gaining weight are all part of any weightloss journey. Your body doesn't want to lose fat it likes to keep it so you gotta work hard to keep losing.

The body is very clever in that it adapts to your food intake and physixal exertion in the hopes of maintaining weight. You must keep your body guessing, don't let it adapt or you will lose weight slower. Keep it guessing by alternating your food, especially changing your healthy extras on SW, and by exercising differently. Perhaps its time to step up the intensity and do something a bit more exerting than walking alone.

Keep your body guessing and for every couple of pound you lose that way, xenical can help you lose around one more assuming you aren't on an extremely low fat diet. Good luck!!!
Oh right I only have ten syns if that a day with slimming world same as hubby we keep out syns for a large red wine! Probably why its working x


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When you're combining Xenical with other diet plans it cause this types of problems, it can make having meals a bit difficult when you can't find foods to have that work for both plans, I hope you manage to suss it :)
Funny enough I'm finding SW is making it easier to stick to the Xenical rules. Like for me the two go hand in hand :) I'm mainly doing red days so I predominately eat lean meat, fruit and veggies.

Mind you the Xen is alongside my SW plan, not the other way around. If they didn't work well together the Xen would go rather than the SW x
i dont really advice following two diets as i find the xenical way to be really easy and unrestricting once you figure out the rules and find alternates for what you like.. theres nothing i cant eat i just have my way of cooking or finding it within rules. xx
Mainly syn value foods, cheese, fish, sauces etc! Xx

i only follow EE with SW...most Fish is free there...tho i dont like it...(only like the "bad fish"....from the chip shop!!) and i dont take cheese...my HE is always milk tho i never take the full quota...

i am sure i will get there...somehow..someday ;)

i think the Xen is keeping me on the straight and narrow cause i am avoiding the fatty foods, like sweets, crisps, chips etc and filling up on fruit and veg, and all the "free" foods, potatoes, meat, beans etc,

i will hang on in there...still have a long way to go!
Some people don't find the xen way easy though, and the structure of SW can keep people on course. Certainly works for me with SW and xenical. Better than one or the other
I do sw but I don't follow the xen rules bc I don't think the two plans work together things like fish that are free on sw aren't ok with xen etc!

I'm not implying you can't do sw and take xen bc that's exactly what I do! I just don't think you can follow sw and do the 5g fat etc! Xx
Hi everyone. New to here and SW. Have been on xen for a while now and have just started SW. Shall I just keep taking xenical or save them, as a rainy day fund? I am very focused on my weight loss and need some advice from some very wise people.

so i have been taking Xenical x 3 times a day for almost a week now, before that i was only taking one a day, with my main meal.

but i decided to take on board all advice i have read and been given here, and start taking it 3 times a day.

so i will update tomorrow as to how weigh in tonite goes

as i have been also following slimming world strictly too, i have not suffered any nasty side effects with the Xen, other than i still have takeaway on a Sat nite (well..how i figure it all is SW is meant to be something you can stay on forever, if wanted a really strict "diet", i would do WW!!)
so on Sunday i was slightly "tangoed", but every other day....nothing...all passed off uneventful!

fingers crossed for weigh in, i would love 2lb off for my club 10, then 2 more would take me to the 2 stone mark...so i hope to have both this month, tho after loosing 5lb last week....maybe 2lb is a tall order!

good luck to everyone this week :)


Violet is shrinking
How did it go?
3lbs off this week, thats 27 in total (in 9 weeks!) :)

i really want to get my 2 stone award next week!!

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